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  1. Let's be honest, the cards' on the table: Jealousy's a sin, Cain killed Abel. Backstabber...Caesar had Brutus. It's hard to weed 'em out, even Jesus had Judas.
  2. Pain is joy when it cries, it's my smile in disguise.
  3. In God we trust, the game is all us. Til the sky calls or its flames on us.
  4. This is my time, this is my hour, This is my pain, this is my name, this is my power. If it's my reign, then it's my shower, This pole position...I made a lane 'cause they blocked ours.
  5. We shoppers, you bloggers. If money talks, you mumblers. You try it on, then take it off, Then post a pic on your tumblrs.
  6. I got a voodoo doll every time I pen a verse: Not only do they say they feel it, but they say it hurts.
  7. Let's test the waters... Love makes a splash, and you too thick to skinny-dip.
  8. Beef is best served like steak: Well done, get a gun in ya face.
  9. About the Sauconys, there are a lot of sneakers that are not as marketed as heavily as like Nike but those silhouettes are still fresh. I'll always go to a Saucony.
  10. I can't force the direction that it's going to go without actually taking the time to make sure it's a great, great quality product. Whether that's for apparel, or whatever the case may be.

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  • Fashion right now, people are so...everything is driven by the aesthetic.
  • Women's style is so hard for me. I just know what I think looks good.
  • At the end of the day I want to wear everything.
  • Of course fashion is definitely playing a part.
  • Even with social media and where we are...everything is about the look.
  • Today I feel like it's about people just looking fresh and their records aren't fresh.
  • I feel like people can feel when something is natural. I think they can tell.
  • All I'm about is just the pen.
  • My style is forever changing.
  • Sitting with the woman of your dreams and forgetting what her name is.

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The passion for sneakers has been there since day one, but I never held onto them. I never shrunkwrap them. It's always been about getting it, buying it, wearing it, showing it and moving on to the next one. — Pusha T

Personally I really like to see when a woman can put together a super fresh everyday look that is not over done or anything. It just makes me feel like she's really something and she knows she doesn't have to have on the super tight skirt. — Pusha T

My mama didn't see it comin, my daddy was there. What's my excuse? Cartoons were the root. Started with Yosemite Sam With the gun in the palm of the hand, What couldn't I demand? — Pusha T

That competition grew through high school and you step outside more and it grew through college. Then you had regional style speak volumes through college. As you get older, and begin to travel and see more, that was the progression of style for me. — Pusha T

Rappers on their sophomores...actin' like they boss lords. Fame's such a funny thing for sure when niggas start believing all those encores. — Pusha T

The fundamentals of hip-hop still play an important role, cause it's about those similes, those metaphors, those parallels. And to some people it's just about, "Man, I'm really relating to the lifestyle." — Pusha T

Coming up, you [got new] sneakers and you had to run outside to make sure everyone saw. It was on display. That's just part of Hip Hop culture, part of the competitive spirit of Hip Hop. This is not new, I don't believe it's new. — Pusha T

For me, being a rap fan and the nostalgia of me being a kid, rappers and guys on the street told me everything to wear. That was it. I didn't necessarily read too many fashion books. Then it got competitive in junior high school. It was moreso about, "You don't got these." Everybody could be fresh, but you don't got these. — Pusha T

Sonically, musicians always go above and beyond in our efforts to disrupt radio. It's always about being different. Our radio is never conventional anyway. — Pusha T

I watch people all day long on Instagram, I take part in it too. It's like if you get the piece first, you have to immediately be like "BAH!" stunting. — Pusha T

The thing that I realize about fashion now, fashion and music, now versus back then is that you had to have fresh records and be fresh. — Pusha T

My style is a mix and match of everything. Like I said, It's Play Cloths, it's Saint Laurent, and I know I sort of won when everything can be understated, it can be three different brands, and you can't really see what it is and then you just ask, "Well damn that looks good, what is that?" — Pusha T

Adidas has invested so much into this collab and into me. It'd be easy for any brand, with some of the spearheads that they have in their roster, just to say, "We got this guy and that guy over there, the Pusha T thing can just be - eh." But they haven't spared any expense, they've let their creativity run wild, and it really makes me feel that I'm a part of a family. It makes me feel like they enjoy watching the growth of Pusha T. — Pusha T

I believe there's a god above me, I'm just the god of everything else! — Pusha T

When I say right, it just has to be well thought out. I feel like I'm on a pretty good roll, and it can't be me trying to force what might be perceived to be next. — Pusha T

I don't ever want anyone to hear my music and look at it as just gratuitous violence, or hustling and money-getting - I try to tell the perspective of the woman, the man, the mind, why. — Pusha T

I feel like Hip Hop culture has always been about [fashion]...it started in the street so it has always been a thing of the streets to be first. — Pusha T

For me, I was born in the Bronx, and I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia at a very young age. I had the luxury of going back to New York, visiting my grandmother who would spoil me endlessly, and I could buy whatever was the hot kicks in the summertime of 1990. Being able to shop and then going back to Virginia Beach, where they weren't as fast in regards to fashion, I had that luxury. — Pusha T

I find myself trying to explain more, and explain the perspective of my mentality, or the mentality I'm trying to convey. — Pusha T

To me it's just the knock, man. It's the knock and the groove of the beat. When I start a song, it's the first thought. It's the first thought and the first cadence, because that's the most natural. You know what I'm saying? I feel like people can feel when something is natural. — Pusha T

Some athletes are super fashionable and not good. It's like c'mon man focus on your craft, be who you're supposed to be and then go put on the clothes. — Pusha T

As a writer, you have a huge ego. You think that every line means something to everybody the same way it means to you. And that's not true. — Pusha T

I don't think anything I've done with Adidas has been shifted. It's been part of the Pusha T brand, has for sure been organic and natural. — Pusha T

Doing something else and just adding whatever Pusha T nuances on it, now you're doing something cheaper. You started one place and took it to its heights, and now you're regressing. I don't think I should be exploring that right now. — Pusha T

The energy in working with my team at Adidas is really good for me. Being this is the third installment, I feel like everybody is comfortable with everybody. — Pusha T

I was in Paris, when Kanye [West] was doing his line and I stopped like, "Woah why are you doing womenswear and why do you think you can do it?" He was like, "Why? You don't know what you like to see women in?" I was like, "Yea but still women are so intricate." — Pusha T

I don't think I'm a collector. I think every kid from where I'm from had a terrible passion for having to have fresh kicks. — Pusha T

If you had two pair of jeans, four shirts, you were cool if you had a couple pair of kicks that were fresh. That was it. That's how it started. — Pusha T

I don't know if that comes in a number, I don't know if that comes in a plaque, I don't know what it is. If I can keep me and the crew around me happy, stable, and out of jail, then we good. — Pusha T

I try to make Play Cloths really representative of me and my designers they look at my evolution as an artist and in fashion and they [zero] in to different details. I come into the office some days and they're like, 'What are those?" [I say,] "[These] are Philip Lim...[I'll] have on Philip Lim sweats and they go and put their spin on it. — Pusha T

Fashion is just really standing up in the forefront and it's being even mentioned at the same level as the music. I sort of feel like that's where it gets a little sketchy. — Pusha T

I was going through a time where I was like man I wanted all of my clothes to be totally understated and I would do pop color with hats from a line called Ale et Ange out of New york City. They created all these hats and I just thought they were super fresh and the only way that I could really get them across...I was just like, 'Let me make everything mute and just put on the hat.' — Pusha T

When I start a song, it's the first thought. It's the first thought and the first cadence, because that's the most natural. — Pusha T

I've never been - I don't think I'm, like, a great A&R, by any means. I don't even know production lingo, in all honesty. — Pusha T

I just feel like I explain myself more, I'm trying to be more conscious about it, simply. Just enlightening my fans and letting them know to lock into me because I'm speaking real with them, more than anything. — Pusha T

I don't want people to see what I've been doing at Play Cloths for nine years and built from a streetwear independence standpoint through Japanese streetwear - I don't want that to be shifted into something else. — Pusha T

No one wants to hear me over some smooth, regular beat, or just into the times. I try to do records sometimes that have a different bounce - maybe it's a Southern bounce or something. And people shoot me all day long. — Pusha T

Hip-hop to me right now is really easy listening. It's very easy listening, like there's nothing abrasive about it. There's no album that I put in my car that makes me roll down the windows - all the windows - and ride past the club line three times before I get out the car. — Pusha T

I can't say that music ever made me do anything. — Pusha T

I didn't come in as a writer that found producers, I came in under producers. So I've always respected the actual production process and producers in general. — Pusha T

I talk specifically to the lifestyle and those who can relate to it. And I feel like, where the creativity comes in, is where you draw the parallels that everybody can relate to. That's where it's creative for me. I feel like it works best that way. — Pusha T

I try to mix the fashion with the music and what's going on at the time...at the time [when my uniform was black on black] I was putting together an album, my album was my name at the time; very minimal, very stripped down, very everything but it still had and have to have some level of pop. — Pusha T

Life Lessons by Pusha T

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  1. Pusha T's work emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication to achieving success.
  2. He also emphasizes the importance of staying true to yourself and not compromising your values.
  3. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of staying humble and not letting success go to your head.

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