Someone once said that the two most important things in developing taste were sensitivity and intelligence. I don't think this is so; I'd rather call them curiosity and courage. Curiosity to look for the new and the hidden; courage to develop your own tastes regardless of what others might say or think.

— R. Murray Schafer

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Today all sounds belong to a continuous field of possibilities lying within the comprehensive dominion of music. Behold the new orchestra: the sonic universe! And the musicians: anyone and anything that sounds!


Dawn itself is the most neglected masterpiece of the modern world.


The earth forms the body of an instrument, across which strings are stretched and are tuned by a divine hand. We must try once again to find the secret of that tuning.


When you listen carefully to the soundscape it becomes quite miraculous.


We cannot close our ears; we have no ear lids!


Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task - then everything else will follow in time.

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