The real work is in the Heart: Wake up your Heart! Because when the heart is completely awake, Then it needs no Friend.

— Rabia Basri

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I seek forgiveness from Allah for the lack of my sincerity when I say I seek the forgiveness of Allah


How long will you keep pounding on an open door Begging for someone to open it?


If I repent now will God forgive me? No, but if God forgives you, you will repent.


Since no one really knows anything about God, those who think they do are just troublemakers.


Your hope in my heart is the rarest treasure Your Name on my tongue is the sweetest word My choicest hours Are the hours I spend with You - O God, I can't live in this world Without remembering You


May Allah steal from you All that steals you from Him.


I love Allah: I have no time left in which to hate the devil.


I swear that ever since the first day You brought me back to life, The day You became my Friend, I have not slept - And even if You drive me from your door, I swear again that we will never be separated - Because You are alive in my heart


He does not refuse sustenance to the one who speaks ill of Him.

How then could He refuse sustenance to the one whose soul is over flowing with love for Him?


O Allah, You know that the only thing I want in this life Is to be obedient to Your command. Even the living sight of my eyes Is service at your court


O my Lord, whatever share of this world You have bestowed on me, bestow it to my enemies, and whatever share of the next world You have for me, give it to my friends. You are enough for me.


O God! if I worship Thee in fear of Hell, burn me in Hell;

and if I worship Thee in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise; but if I worship Thee for Thine own sake, withhold not thine everlasting beauty.


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Eyes are at rest, the stars are setting.

Hushed are the stirrings of birds in their nests, Of monsters in the ocean. You are the Just who knows no change, The Balance that can never swerve, The Eternal which never passes away. The doors of Kings are bolted now and guarded by soldiers. Your Door is open to all who call upon You. Each love is now alone with his beloved. And I am alone with You.


I will not serve Allah like a laborer, in expectation of my wages.


True devotion is for itself: not to desire heaven nor to fear hell.


O Beloved of Hearts, I beseech only You.

Have pity this day on those who turn to You. My Hope, my Rest, my Delight, this heart can love none other but You.


O Lord... Once I wanted You so much I didn't even dare walk past Your house- And now I am not even worthy to be let in


How many gifts and graces You have given me! How many favors You have fed me from your hand! I look for your love in all directions, then suddenly its blessing burns in me.


You know of the how, but I know of the how-less.


Great doubt will eventually lead to great awakening.


It is reported from the famous worshiper Rabi'ah al-Adawiyya (radiAllahu anha) that she said: "I have never heard the adhaan except that I remember the caller who will announce the Day of Resurrection, and I never see the falling snow except that I imagine the flying pages of the records of peoples deeds (on that day), and I never see swarms of locusts except that I think about the Great Gathering on the Last Day."


Your prayers are your light; Your devotion is your strength; Sleep is the enemy of both. Your life is the only opportunity that life can give you. If you ignore it, if you waste it, You will only turn to dust.