Most people think its sex, money, and drugs but Hip-Hop is about lyrics, storytelling, and everybody having a different style. That's just another idea of beautiful, being yourself and creating music that represents you and what you like.

— Rapsody

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I love myself, I no longer need Cupid...


Never blame a man for misfortune, do it yourself.


I wanted to touch on how we look on each other.

Good hair, light skin, you must be smart; if you're black, you're dark-skinned, you're ugly. That really happens. This is something that started with slavery, when they divided the house, and it's still a part of today's society and things that we battle with.


Don't be flirting with your gift, you better marry it


I want to be great at what I do. I don't want to be just an average rapper.


When you tell a story and connect with somebody through an emotion that's why they like songs.


I was the darkest skinned person in my family.

I remember how I used to feel - like I wasn't pretty enough, or I wasn't good enough.


Being simple and complicated at the same is what makes Jay-Z so great.


When I was young what made me really want to be a rapper was when I saw MC Lyte.


It's hard as a person to just put your life out there for the world to judge.

That's what music is and what you're supposed to do with the art, live and release it to the world.

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