All I’m saying is like, spoil me with your consistency Always remain the same you and you won’t have to worry about a different me

— Wale

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Failure is not an option. Success is just a process.


Not to sound corny, but intelligence is big.

Everything fades, and everything can be modified. But intelligence is something you cant fake. Im not even talking about whether you can read a thesaurus backwards. But there is a beauty in common sense.


Ambition is priceless, its something that's in your veins.


I'm never satisfied, man. I'm Virgo. We overanalyze and we're never satisfied. So I'm gonna keep going 'til the wheels fall off.


I'm a regular person. I know a lot of people love being famous. I don't like it. I'm just chillin'. YouknowwhatI'msayin'?


Initially, I felt like my duty was to just keep it positive and be positive and sometimes I crack in that. We're human. I'm imperfect at times and that was just me being imperfect at that one point.


I like David Beckham just because of his lifestyle.

He don't ever need to score another goal again. How many times has he been on the cover of GQ?


Every artist is supposed to get emotional. You're painting pictures of emotions.


I could have easily got T-Pain or anybody like that, but let me just get somebody very left. That'll wake them up. Gaga. She's never done a rap record before. Pay attention. It's a method to my madness.


I'm just trying to make the best music I can possibly make and represent the new class or whatever. Myself and Cudi and Asher and B.o.B. That's all I can do at this point.


No days off. I'm a workaholic.


It's ironic how I drop some 'DOUGH' (Doh) when I got them Homer Simpsons.


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Riding in another drop, ain't talking Enterprise They try to see me, get diabetes from humble pie


Jay-Z's my favorite rapper, but why can't I aspire to be better than him?


There's a lot of real unity - and a lot fake unity, sadly.

I think a lot of people are going to get an opportunity to pursue greatness and pursue careers outside of D.C. Not everybody is going to make it. I think there's a connotation that there's a lack of rappers out there.


I understand that in the industry, a lot of it isn't real.

Which is a difficult thing. Where I come from a lot of people are straightforward and I've had to learn how to not say exactly what I feel. Sometimes it gets frustrating being a person who says what he feels and what his heart is telling him. Every once in a while I fall into letting the industry get the best of me and not just saying exactly what I feel.


Some interviewers aren't even interested.

They're just doing it because they gotta do it. Life is nothing without passion. Whatever you're doing, at least be passionate about it because I'm passionate about what I'm doing. I'm passionate about the words I'm saying right now. Just be passionate. When the interviews is passionate, it's more conversational and we're not covering the same ground.


I'm a black man in the United States of America, so I always feel like there's a target on me.


I dated a lot, but I never really had anyone who was worthy of an anniversary.

And most girlfriends never made it to a year, anyway.


Charles is Charles. Wale is Wale. It's two separate entities that have nothing to do with each other and probably will never have anything to do with each other and I wish him the best.


I'm not really caught up with celebrity women.

I think a regular girl that goes to school or works at a Complex or Spin or Blender or whatever, one of those magazines. She'd probably be flyer to me than the person she's writing about.


When you're just reading a note card but when you're just reading a note card and it doesn't even feel real, it's difficult at times. But I have no problem doing interviews. So I have absolutely no problem doing interviews.


I speak my mind. That's what we loved Tupac for.


You're the artist - you make the music that you want to make.


It's something to be Great, It's nothing to be Famous


Sometimes I'm just a little bit too honest.

There was some things that were going on behind the scenes that I didn't like because it's not what hip-hop is about. Hip-hop is about honesty and it's about being real to the people, and I kinda felt like there's some instances where some artists aren't 100% honest with the people. Their integrity is lacking sometimes. And sometimes it comes out.


You niggas so-so like a seamstress.


Mix-tapes are something that have been going on for a while.

They've been pretty important to hip-hop. It's the way we advertise our music to the public for free.


I'd love a super human memory. My memory has never been good.


The first thing that's important is to really have people believe in you.

If you have that, you can do anything.


The Loudest person in the room, is usually the brokest


I hope everybody thinks they've got the best album.

I wouldn't have put mine out if I didn't think it was the best.


I don't wanna sound pretentious talking about myself.


Most artists should be able to make the album that they want.

You don't necessarily pick the singles that you want when you're making a record, but for the most part it's the same process.


In terms of 'Seinfeld', I think there's lot of reality in a show that's supposed to be about nothing.


Life without dreaming is a life without meaning.


I want people to be like, 'Your album's just as good as Kendrick [Lamar]'s or Esperanza Spalding or Beck. I work just as hard as them.


I dated all these girls and ended up not liking them and thought to myself, 'What was it that all of them had in common?' They had too much time on their hands. Even though they were pretty, they lacked something. A woman could be less attractive but with ambition and drive, that's the most beautiful thing.


You never wanna see yourself there. Like, ever. I'd rather go to jail than see myself on Step Your Rap Game up because I take a lot of time with my stuff.


I just wanna affect the culture and wanna be able to support young people with goals that aren't just limited to rapping and producing.


May the optimism of tomorrow be your foundation for today.


If I woke up tomorrow and didn't have a dolla, as long as I have my heart, I can get it all over.


Maybe they just like me because they like me, and they don't like me because they feel like they have to like me because they like this person or that person.


I don't want to be one of those guys that you see who made $4 million, invested $3.5 million, and now you work at Wendy's.


I wanna meet the person who wrote the Burlington Coat Factory thing, but that's cool. I would love to understand it more, but everything is good.


One thing Jay z told me that always sticks with me, is that, the album is never how you viewed it to be.

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