I'm not a believer in the future. The most interesting things are always behind us. I look at everything as archaeology.

— Robert Polidori

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Where you point the camera is the question and the picture you get is the answer to decipher.


I've always been accused by my detractors of some sort of moral failure, cowardice, or even lack of humanity by not portraying the human form. I respond that I do better by portraying traces of character and intentions of human volition that no mug or body shot can ever exude.


My belief is that you should take stills of what doesn't seem to move, and take movies or videos of [what] does.


I walked all around it [the Guggenheim Bilbao] and couldn't find one clear, clean shot. To make things worse, the weather was lousy. Nothing about this rang commercial money shot. In a situation like this there's only one thing to do: forget about pleasing editors, please yourself.


I would say that the emblematic photographic image is a picture from inside a room looking out. I think this defines photography. It's the metaphor for the notion of first sight. What one saw first.

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