It was a book to kill time for those who like it better dead.

Rose Macaulay on book

It is a common delusion that you make things better by talking about them.

Rose Macaulay on common

Love's a disease. But curable.

Rose Macaulay on curable

A hot bath! I cry, as I sit down in it! Again as I lie flat, a hot bath! How exquisite a pleasure, how luxurious, fervid and flagrant a consolation for the rigors, the austerities, the renunciation of the day.

Rose Macaulay on freedom

Each wrong act brings with it its own anesthetic, dulling the conscience and blinding it against further light, and sometimes for years.

Rose Macaulay on act

As to the family, I have never understood how that fits in with the other ideals --or, indeed, why it should be an ideal at all. A group of closely related persons living under one roof; it is a convenience, often a necessity, sometimes a pleasure, sometimes the reverse; but who first exalted it as admirable, an almost religious ideal?

Rose Macaulay on family

Cranks live by theory, not by pure desire.

They want votes, peace, nuts, liberty, and spinning-looms not because they love these things, as a child loves jam, but because they think they ought to have them. That is one element which makes the crank.

Rose Macaulay on eccentric

Sleeping in a bed -- it is, apparently, of immense importance.

Against those who sleep, from choice or necessity, elsewhere society feels righteously hostile. It is not done. It is disorderly, anarchical.

Rose Macaulay on sleep

You should always believe what you read in the newspapers, for that makes them more interesting.

Rose Macaulay on interesting

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Name Rose Macaulay
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Birthday October 16
About Emilie Rose Macaulay, whom Elizabeth Bowen called "one of the few writers of whom it may be said, she adorns our century," was born at Rugby, where her father was an assistant master. Descended on both sides from a long line of clerical ancestors, she felt Anglicanism was in her blood. Much of her childhood was spent in Varazze, near Genoa, and memories of Italy fill the early novels.
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