The world is an unfair place because of bullying. A lot of parents loose their children because of bullying next time think twice before bullying someone.

— Ryan Lewis

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In 1984, my mom gave birth to my older sister, Teresa.

Due to a complicated delivery, she needed a blood transfusion, and at that moment, my mom had HIV+ blood put into her body.


I graduated in 2009, which - if you think back to where the economy was at that time - was an interesting time to graduate.


I was always the type of drug user that I had no moderation.

When I was smoking and drinking, I was full on smoking and drinking. And I am also the type of drug user where I do smoke and drink, there's no creativity in terms of my writing process. I would just stare at the paper for hours and nothing would get done.


Some songs go super-quick; some take a really long time.


When artists who are not associated with the typical infrastructure get recognition, that becomes a cultural movement.


I love history, cultural and religious studies, philosophy, photography and traveling.


Hip-hop music was something I grew up with, it was something that I loved since I was a little kid, and it's something that I chose to partake in an early age.


I have an AIDS ribbon tattooed on my arm.


Everyone has their parent's [music] collection which is strongly influences what you listen to as a kid. You have no choice. You have to listen to whatever they're bumpin. I grew up with what they listened to a lot.


There's an open door now more than ever to be making any type of beats that you want.


For me personally, to hop onboard and use the amazing success and blessings in my life to pull off something like the 30/30 Project is awesome.