Just when you thought the mafia novel was dead, Tod Goldberg breathes new life into it. Gangsterland, the best mafia novel in years, is a dark, funny, and smart page-turning crime story. It's also a moving, thoughtful meditation on ethics, religion, family, and a culture that eats itself. I loved this book.

— Sara Gran

The most beautiful Sara Gran quotes that are life-changing and eye-opening

I never met an addict who came from a nice home .

I've met addicts that came from families that had money and nice houses. But never from a nice home.


Because this, for better or worse, is exactly where the truth lies--at the intersection of the forgotten and the ignored, in the neighborhood of all we have tried to forget.


It doesn't matter what people want to hear.

It doesn't matter if people like you. It doesn't matter if the whole world thinks you're crazy. It doesn't matter whose heart you break. What matters is the truth.