All people go to Allah after their death, but the happy person is the one who goes to Allah while still alive.

— Sayyid Qutb

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A martyr is the one who bears witness that the Shari'ah of Allah is more valuable to him than his own life.


Indeed our words will remain lifeless, barren, devoid of any passion, until we die as a result of these words, whereupon our words will suddenly spring to life and live amongst the hearts that are dead, bringing them to life as well.


Verily, the index finger that testifies to the oneness of Allah Azzawajal in prayer, utterly rejects to write even an alphabet, endorsing the rule of the tyrant


Absolute justice demands that mens incomes and rewards should .

.. vary, and that some have more than others-so long as human justice is upheld by the provision of equal opportunity for all.


Jazz is the favorite music [of America].

It is a type of music invented by [American] Blacks to please their primitive tendencies and desire for noise.


Faith is not by wishful thinking, it is what takes root in the heart and shows in one's actions.


Islam cannot accept or agree to a situation which is half-Islam and half-Jahiliyya [separated from God].

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