Hobbies are for people that don't like what they're doing.

— Stefan Sagmeister

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To be a good designer, you would need to have deep and far-reaching interests outside of the profession.


Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.


You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt... or in front of a piece of graphic design.


I think it's ultimately inhuman to only see things for their functionality.

We want things to be more than that. The desire for beauty is something that's in us, and it's not trivial.


If you want to communicate something, youd better make sure that your design piece is well-dressed and that its teeth are fixed. At the same time, I still believe that if it is only stylistically great and it has nothing to say, it still is not going to make a lasting impression on anybody.


Yes, design can make you happy.


I have done enough bullshit lately, I just have to make time for something better. Something good.


My granddad wanted to become a sign painter and designer, but was stopped;

my dad would have had a real talent for language, but was stopped. When I expressed a desire to become a graphic designer, I was not stopped.


I didnt think that personal style had much value in graphic design.


Trying to always be the nice guy, to appear good, can be limiting.

Avoiding confrontation has closed up a number of possibilities for me.


Any excuse to get away from the computer screen is welcome.


Being in a foreign place, preferably for the first time, having seen many things and collected new impressions, and returning to an empty hotel room with an hour or so to blow. That mix often yields fine results.


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In running, I know that I can train as much as I want and Im never going to break the world record for the five miles. Its partly genetics; Im just not built for it. But if I worked really hard, I might be able to cut my time by half. Could I do the same thing with my mind and my well-being?


My diary entries allow me to keep track of all the things I would like to change about my life.


Everybody thinks they are right


I myself am doing a full year of experiments every seven years, but I'm sure many other divisions are possible, depending on the field, the possibilities, and personal preferences. One hour a day or a day a week.


I don't think there is a particular responsibility on designers that is not on other professions... I think there's a responsibility for all of us to engage on all levels.


It is very important to embrace failure and to do a lot of stuff — as much stuff as possible — with as little fear as possible. It’s much, much better to wind up with a lot of crap having tried it than to overthink in the beginning and not do it.


Work your ass off. Don't be an asshole.


Whenever I do overcome my inherent fear, it turns out well.


Peter Noever is a pain in the ass and a joy in the heart.


You're authentic when you're honest.


To touch somebody’s heart with design.


Keeping a diary supports personal development.


Having guts always works out for me.


Everyone who is honest is interesting.


The question I wanted to answer was, could I train my mind to be happy the same way one trains ones body?


Drugs feel great in the beginning and become a drag later on.


Ensure it feels like it's made by humans, for humans.


So whatever I find true for myself, other people might also relate to.


I discovered that I never really used Helvetica but I like to look at it.

I like the VW beetle, too, although I've never driven one.