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  1. A man said to the universe: 'Sir, I exist!' 'However,' replied the universe. 'The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.
  2. Truth ... Is a breath, a wind, A shadow, a phantom; Long have I pursued it, But never have I touched The hem of its garment.
  3. But I like it Because it is bitter, And because it is my heart.
  4. There is nothing- No life, No joy, No pain- There is nothing save opinion, And opinion be damned.
  5. Mother, whose heart hung humble as a button the bright splendid shroud of your son, Do not weep. War is kind.
  6. Think as I think," said a man, "or you are abominably wicked; you are a toad." And after I thought of it, I said, "I will, then, be a toad.
  7. I saw a man pursuing the horizon
  8. A little man said to the Universe. "Sir! I exist." The Universe replied: "That's fine." Just don't think it creates any obligation on my part.
  9. When the prophet, a complacent fat man, Arrived at the mountain-top He cried: "Woe to my knowledge! I intended to see good white lands And bad black lands— But the scene is grey.
  10. It was surprising that Nature had gone tranquilly on with her golden process in the midst of so much devilment.

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  • A mysterious fraternity born out of smoke and danger of death.
  • Over the river a golden ray of sun came through the hosts of leaden rain clouds.
  • Every sin is the result of collaboration.
  • The fact has not created in me A sense of obligation.
  • Sometimes, the most profound of awakenings come wrapped in the quietest of moments.
  • Let me into the darkness again.
  • The red sun was pasted in the sky like a wafer.
  • Perhaps an individual must consider his own death to be the final phenomenon of nature.
  • Half of tradition is a lie.
  • The man had arrived at that stage of drunkenness where affection is felt for the universe.

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When it occurs to a man that nature does not regard him as important, and that she feels she would not maim the universe by disposing of him, he at first wishes to throw bricks at the temple, and he hates deeply the fact that there are no bricks and no temples. — Stephen Crane

In the desert I saw a creature, naked, bestial, Who, squatting upon the ground, Held his heart in his hands, And ate of it. I said, ‘Is it good, friend?’ ‘It is bitter — bitter,’ he answered, ‘But I like it Because it is bitter, And because it is my heart. — Stephen Crane

I walked in a desert. And I cried, ‘Ah, God, take me from this place!’ A voice said, ‘It is no desert.’ I cried, ‘Well, But - The sand, the heat, the vacant horizon.’ A voice said, ‘It is no desert.’ — Stephen Crane

The voice of God whispers in the heart So softly That the soul pauses, Making no noise, And strives for these melodies, Distant, sighing, like faintest breath, And all the being is still to hear. — Stephen Crane

A very little boy stood upon a heap of gravel for the honour of Rum Alley. He was throwing stones at howling urchins from Devil's Row, who were circling madly about the heap and pelting him. His infantile countenance was livid with the fury of battle. His small body was writhing in the delivery of oaths. — Stephen Crane

I saw a man pursuing the horizon;Round and round they sped.I was disturbed at this;I accosted the man."It is futile," I said,"You can never-""You lie," he cried,And ran on. — Stephen Crane

Do not weep, babe, for war is kind.Because your father tumbled in the yellow trenches,Raged at his breast, gulped and died,Do not weep.War is kind. — Stephen Crane

A learned man came to me once. He said, "I know the way, -- come." And I was overjoyed at this. Together we hastened. Soon, too soon, were we Where my eyes were useless, And I knew not the ways of my feet. I clung to the hand of my friend; But at last he cried, "I am lost. — Stephen Crane

It perhaps might be said--if any one dared--that the most worthless literature of the world has been that which has been written by the men of one nation concerning the men of another. — Stephen Crane

Tradition, thou art for suckling children, Thou art the enlivening milk for babes, But no meat for men is in thee. — Stephen Crane

There were many who went in huddled procession,They knew not wither,But, at any rate, success or calamityWould attend all in equality.There was one who sought a new road,He went into direful thickets,And ultimately he died thus, alone;But they said he had courage. — Stephen Crane

Swift blazing flag of the regiment,Eagle with crest of red and gold,These men were born to drill and die.Point for them the virtue of slaughter,Make plain to them the excellence of killingAnd a field where a thousand corpses lie. — Stephen Crane

The wayfarer, Perceiving the pathway to truth, Was struck with astonishment. It was thickly grown with weeds. "Ha," he said, "I see that none has passed here In a long time." Later he saw that each weed Was a singular knife. "Well," he mumbled at last, "Doubtless there are other roads. — Stephen Crane

A serious prophet upon predicting a flood should be the first man to climb a tree. This would demonstrate that he was indeed a seer. — Stephen Crane

When it came night, the white waves paced to and fro in the moonlight, and the wind brought the sound of the great sea's voice to the men on shore, and they felt that they could then be interpreters. — Stephen Crane

Tell her this And more,— That the king of the seas Weeps too, old, helpless man. The bustling fates Heap his hands with corpses Until he stands like a child With surplus of toys. — Stephen Crane

The cold passed reluctantly from the earth, and the retiring fogs revealed an army stretched out on the hills, resting. As the landscape changed from brown to green, the army awakened, and began to tremble with eagerness at the noise of rumors. — Stephen Crane

And it was as if fate had betrayed the soldier. In death it exposed to his enemies that poverty which in life he had perhaps concealed from his friends. — Stephen Crane

It was not well to drive men into final corners; at those moments they could all develop teeth and claws. — Stephen Crane

Such an assemblage of the spraddle-legged men of the middle class, whose hands were bent and shoulders stooped from delving and constructing, had never appeared to an Asbury Park summer crowd, and the latter was vaguely amused. — Stephen Crane

A MAN FEARED A man feared that he might find an assassin; Another that he might find a victim. One was more wise than the other. — Stephen Crane

He vaguely desired to walk around and around the body and stare; the impulse of the living to try to read in dead eyes the answer to the Question. — Stephen Crane

When the suicide arrived at the sky, the people there asked him: "Why?" He replied: "Because no one admired me. — Stephen Crane

Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.Because your lover threw wild hands toward the skyAnd the affrighted steed ran on alone,Do not weep.War is kind. — Stephen Crane

If I am going to be drowned – if I am going to be drowned – if I am going to be drowned, why in the name of the seven mad gods who rule the sea, was I allowed to come thus far and contemplate land and trees? — Stephen Crane

In the swirling rain that came at dusk the broad avenue glistened with that deep bluish tint which is so widely condemned when it is put into pictures. — Stephen Crane

A man with a full stomach and the respect of his fellows had no business to scold about anything that he might think to be wrong in the ways of the universe, or even with the ways of society. Let the unfortunates rail; the others may play marbles. — Stephen Crane

The word is clear only to the kind who on peak or plain, from dark northern ice-fields to the hot wet jungles, through all wine and want, through lies and unfamiliar truth, dark or light, are governed by the unknown gods, and though each man knows the law, no man may give tongue to it. — Stephen Crane

A singular disadvantage of the sea lies in the fact that after successfully surmounting one wave you discover another behind it just as important and just as nervously anxious to do something effective in the way of swamping boats. In a ten-foot dinghy one can get an idea of the resources of the sea in the line of waves that is not probable to the average experience, which is never at sea in a dinghy. — Stephen Crane

If there is a witness to my little life,To my tiny throes and struggles,He sees a fool;And it is not fine for gods to menace fools. — Stephen Crane

Unwind my riddle.Cruel as hawks the hours fly;Wounded men seldom come home to die;The hard waves see an arm flung high;Scorn hits strong because of a lie;Yet there exists a mystic tie.Unwind my riddle. — Stephen Crane

Two or three angels Came near to the earth. They saw a fat church. Little black streams of people Came and went in continually. And the angels were puzzled To know why the people went thus, And why they stayed so long within. — Stephen Crane

Philosophy should always know that indifference is a militant thing. It batters down the walls of cities and murders the women and children amid the flames and the purloining of altar vessels. When it goes away it leaves smoking ruins, where lie citizens bayonetted through the throat. It is not a children's pastime like mere highway robbery. — Stephen Crane

XXVIII "Truth," said a traveller, "Is a rock, a mighty fortress; "Often have I been to it, "Even to its highest tower, "From whence the world looks black." "Truth," said a traveller, "Is a breath, a wind, "A shadow, a phantom; "Long have I pursued it, "But never have I touched "The hem of its garment." And I believed the second traveller; For truth was to me A breath, a wind, A shadow, a phantom, And never had I touched The hem of its garment. — Stephen Crane

He saw that it was an ironical thing for him to be running thus toward that which he had been at such pains to avoid. — Stephen Crane

Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind. Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky And the affrighted steed ran on alone, Do not weep. War is kind. Hoarse, booming drums of the regiment, Little souls who thirst for fight, These men were born to drill and die. The unexplained glory flies above them, Great is the battle-god, great, and his kingdom -A field where a thousand corpses lie. Do not weep, babe, for war is kind. — Stephen Crane

Doubtless there are other roads. — Stephen Crane

Everything is bicycle. — Stephen Crane

Life Lessons by Stephen Crane

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  1. Stephen Crane's work emphasizes the importance of understanding the human condition and conveying empathy for people of all backgrounds.
  2. His writing also highlights the power of resilience and the ability to persevere in the face of adversity.
  3. Finally, Crane's work serves as a reminder of the importance of self-reflection and the need to maintain a sense of humility.

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