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  1. Every moment of life is unique-a kiss, a sunset, a dance, a joke. None will ever recur in quite the same way. Each happens only once in the history of the universe.
  2. The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.
  3. Improvisation is intuition in action, a way to discover the muse and learn to respond to her call.
  4. The noun of self becomes a verb. This flashpoint of creation in the present moment is where work and play merge.
  5. Structure ignites spontaneity. Limits yield intensity. When we play... by our self-chosen rules, we find that containment of strength amplifies strength.
  6. If we are transparent, with nothing to hide, the gap between language and being disappears. Then the Muse can speak.
  7. Any action can be practiced as an art, as a craft, or as drudgery.
  8. If a creative person has a sense of humor, a sense of style and a certain amount of stubbornness, he finds a way to do what he needs to in spite of the obstacles.
  9. Every conversation is a form of Jazz. The activity of instantaneous creation is as ordinary to us as breathing.
  10. Play is the taproot from which original art springs. It is the raw stuff that the artist channels with all his learning and technique.

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  • To create, we need both technique and freedom of technique
  • There are only people doing their imperfect best at doing their imperfect jobs
  • Memory and intention and intuition are fused. The iron is always hot.
  • Faithfulness to the moment and to the present circumstance entails continuous surrender.
  • We can depend on the world being a perpetual surprise in perpetual motion.
  • With too little judgement, we get trash. With too much judgement, we get blockage.
  • If we split practice from the real thing, neither one of them will be very real.
  • Whispered words can be devastatingly effective.

Stephen Nachmanovitch Quotes On Creative

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If form is mechanically applied, it may indeed result in work that is conventional, if not pedantic or stupid. But form used well can become the very vehicle of freedom, of discovering the creative surprises that liberate mind-at-play. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

The professionalism of technique and flash of dexterity are more comfortable to be around than raw creative power, hence our society generally rewards virtuoso performers more highly than it rewards original creators. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

As an improvising musician, I am not in the music business, I am not in the creativity business; I am in the surrender business. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

The power of mistakes enables us to reframe creative blocks and turn them around...The troublesome parts of our work, the parts that are most baffling and frustrating, are in fact the growing edges. We see these opportunities the instant we drop our preconceptions and our self-importance. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Creativity exists more in the searching than in the finding. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

There is not ultimate breakthrough; what we find in the development of a creative life is an open-ended series of provisional breakthroughs. In this journey there is no endpoint, because it is the journey into the soul. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Looking at the creative process is like looking into a crystal: no matter which facet we gaze into, we see all the others reflected. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Creative living, or the life of a creator, seems like a leap into the unknown only because "normal life" is rigid and traumatized. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Play, creativity, art, spontaneity, all these experiences are their own rewards and are blocked when we perform for reward or punishment, profit or loss. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one's chosen form. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Stephen Nachmanovitch Quotes On Improvisational

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In improvisation, there is only one time. This is what computer people call real time. The time of inspiration, the time of technically structuring and realizing... the time of playing it, and the time of communicating with the audience, are all one. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Working within the limits of the medium forces us to change our own limits. Improvisation is not breaking with forms and limitations just to be 'free,' but using them as the very means of transcending ourselves. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

An improviser does not operate from a formless vacuum, but from three billion years of organic evolution — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Stephen Nachmanovitch Quotes On Inspirational

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Mastery means responsibility, ability to respond in real time to the need of the moment. Intuitive or inspired living means not just passively hearing the voice, but acting on it. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

You can't express inspiration without skill. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

We provide both irritation and inspiration for each other- the grist for each other's pearl making. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Stephen Nachmanovitch Quotes On Play

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If I "try" to play, I fail; if I force the play, I crush it; if I race, I trip. Any time I stiffen or brace myself against some error or problem, the very act of bracing would cause the problem to occur. The only road to strength is vulnerability. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

The beauty of playing together is meeting in the One. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Writing, playing, composing, painting, reading, listening, looking-all require that we submit to being swept away by Eros, to a transformation of self of the kind that happens when we fall in love. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Commitment to a set of rules frees your play to attain a profundity and vigor otherwise impossible. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Technique itself springs from play, because we can acquire technique only by the practice of practice, by persistently experimenting and playing with our tools and testing their limits and resistances. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Play, intrinsically rewarding, doesn't cost anything; as soon as you put a price on it, it becomes, to some extent, not play. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

This is the evolutionary value of play- play makes us flexible. By reinterpreting reality and begetting novelty, we keep from becoming rigid. Play enables us to rearrange our capacities and our very identity so that they can be used in unforeseen ways. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Practice is an ever-fresh, challenging flow of work and play in which we continually test and demolish our own delusions; therefore, it is sometimes painful. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Play enables us to rearrange our capacities and our very identity so that they can be used in unforeseen ways — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Play cannot be defined, because in play all definitions slither, dance, combine, break apart, and recombine. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

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Paradoxically, the more you are yourself, the more universal your message. As you develop and individuate more deeply, you break through into deeper layers of the collective consciousness and the collective unconsciousness. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Brahms once remarked that the mark of an artist is how much he throws away. Nature, the great creator, is always throwing things away. A frog lays several million eggs at a sitting. Only a few dozen of these become tadpoles, and only a few of those become frogs. We can let imagination and practice be as profligate as nature. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

I no longer sought skill, flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle tone, and quick responsiveness as means of imposing my will on the instrument, but rather of keeping an open and unrestricted pathway for the creative impulse to play its music straight from the preconscious depths beneath and beyond me. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

The conception, composition, practice, and performance of a piece of music can blossom in a single moment. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Surrender means cultivating a comfortable attitude toward not knowing, being nurtured by the mystery of moments that are dependably surprising, ever fresh. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Every attempt we make is imperfect; yet each one of those imperfect attempts is an occasion for a delight unlike anything else on earth. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

The Western Idea of practice is to acquire a skill. It is very much related to your work ethic, which enjoins us to endure struggle or boredom now in return for future rewards. The Eastern idea of practice, on the other hand, is to create the person, or rather to actualize or reveal the complete person who is already there.... Not only is practice necessary to art, it is art. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

When we are totally faithful to our own individuality, we are actually following a very intricate design. This kind of freedom is the opposite of "just anything". — Stephen Nachmanovitch

If the art is created with the whole person, then the work will come out whole. Education must teach, reach, and vibrate the whole person rather than merely transfer knowledge. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Artwork is not thought up in consciousness and then, as a separate phase, executed by the hand. The hand surprises us creates and solves problems on its own. Often, enigmas that baffle our brains are dealt with easily, unconsciously, by the hand. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

The easiest way to do art is to dispense with success and failure altogether and just get on with it. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Fidgeting and boredom are the symptoms of fear of emptiness, which we try to fill up with whatever we can lay our hands on. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Here the artist is, as it were, an archaeologist, uncovering deeper and deeper strata as he works, recovering not an ancient civilization, but something as yet unborn, unseen, unheard, except by the inner eye, the inner ear. He is not just removing apparent surfaces from some external object, he is removing apparent surface from the Self, revealing his original nature. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

If we operate with a belief in long sweeps of time, we build cathedrals; if we operate from fiscal quarter to fiscal quarter, we build ugly shopping malls. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

There are no prescriptive solutions, no grand designs for grand problems. Life's solutions lie in the minute particulars involving more and more individual people daring to create their own life and art, daring to listen to the voice within their deepest, original nature, and deeper still, the voice within the earth. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Creativity can replace conformity as the primary mode of social being. . . . We can cling to that which is passing, or has already passed, or we can remain accessible to-even surrender to-the creative process, without insisting that we know in advance the ultimate outcome for us, our institutions, or our planet. To accept this challenge is to cherish freedom, to embrace life, and to find meaning. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

To do anything artistically you have to acquire technique, but create through your technique and not with it. — Stephen Nachmanovitch

Life Lessons by Stephen Nachmanovitch

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  1. Stephen Nachmanovitch teaches that life is a creative process, and that we should embrace our mistakes and imperfections as part of the journey.
  2. He encourages us to strive for excellence and to use our talents to make the world a better place.
  3. He also emphasizes the importance of self-expression, and encourages us to find joy in the creative process.

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