The best scary movies have great humor in them and a great story.

— Stephen Sommers

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I love all of mythology and rules pertaining to all of the monsters, but I like to go the extra step.


I went in right up front and said, This can't be about some guy in bandages.

I didn't even want to do a horror movie. I took the concept and made a romantic adventure film. I like action heroes who don't take themselves too seriously. I wanted to make everyone take the mummy seriously, but it couldn't just be a guy in bandages. But the main thing was to build in surprises. That's one of the great things you can do with special effects.


I never want to write something until I know every scene in the movie.

I don't want someone hiring me and then me not being able to write it. Which is always a fear. So I like to figure it out, know all the characters, and know almost every scene in the movie before I start writing.


I wanted to make a small movie about a guy and a girl on the beach, but then I thought, wouldn't it be cool if a werewolf was there?