If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it's within your reach.

— Steve Wozniak

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I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners in the future.


My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.


Most inventors and engineers I've met are like me.

They're shy and they live in their heads. The very best of them are artists. And artists work best alone.


Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked.


I hope you're as lucky as I am. The world needs inventors--great ones. You can be one. If you love what you do and are willing to do what it really takes, it's within your reach. And it'll be worth every minute you spend alone at night, thinking and thinking about what it is you want to design or build. It'll be worth it, I promise.


Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window.


I just believe in whatever you're going to do, even if it's work, have a little bit of fun attitude about it. You can be happy.


The easier it is to do something, the harder it is to change the way you do it.


Steve Jobs doesn't use a Mac, and won't, because it's too crappy in his opinion.


A lot of hacking is playing with other people, you know, getting them to do strange things.


It would be nice to design a real briefcase - you open it up and it's your computer but it also stores your books.


I sold my most valuable possession, but I knew that because I worked at Hewlett Packard, I could buy the next model calculator the very next month for a lower price than I sold the older one for!


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I believe you should have a world where you’ve got to license something at a fair price. There are good things I see on Samsung phones that I wish were in my iPhone. I wish Apple would use them and could use them, and I don’t know if Samsung would stop us.


When you stop and think about it, a smartphone is basically a whistle you can carry.


I never got into Linux. I swear to God, it's only lack of time. I'm past the years of my life where I can really dig into something like running a Linux system. I'm very sympathetic to the whole idea; Linux people always think the way I want to think.


All of a sudden, we've lost a lot of control,' he said.

'We can't turn off our internet; we can't turn off our smartphones; we can't turn off our computers. You used to ask a smart person a question. Now, who do you ask? It starts with g-o, and it's not God.


All the best people in life seem to like LINUX.


I want to get back to education. When I was in college I paid attention to child psychology portions of our psychology classes. I watch other people work with babies. And I saw the baby as developing like a computer and it intrigued me in my life. I wanted to do that.


I am the person I want to be. I got to teach and had some of the greatest times in my life learning that I had some teaching skills and doing some incredible things teaching 200 hours of computers a year to fifth graders, making them experts at certain things.


Teachers started recognizing me and praising me for being smart in science and that made me want to be even smarter in science!


The first Apple was just a culmination of my whole life.


But I know newspapers. They have the first amendment and they can tell any lie knowing it's a lie and they're protected if the person's famous or it's a company.


You know what, Steve Jobs is real nice to me.

He lets me be an employee and that's one of the biggest honors of my life.


You can make something big when young that will carry you through life.

Look at all the big startups like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They were all started by very young people who stumbled on something of unseen value. You'll know it when you hit a home run.


I went and I started teaching computers to young kids, to fifth graders at first, later to sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth graders. I also started teaching teachers. And that was back in the days when we'd wire up the labs ourselves and crimp on the Ethernet connectors and then we would.


I worked with such concentration and focus and I had hundreds of obscure engineering or programming things in my head. I was just real exceptional in that way


I thought Microsoft did a lot of things that were good and right building parts of the browser into the operating system. Then I thought it out and came up with reasons why it was a monopoly


At our computer club, we talked about it being a revolution.

Computers were going to belong to everyone, and give us power, and free us from the people who owned computers and all that stuff.


You need the kind of objectivity that makes you forget everything you've heard, clear the table, and do a factual study like a scientist would.


What I was proud of was that I used very few parts to build a computer that could actually speak words on a screen and type words on a keyboard and run a programming language that could play games. And I did all this myself.


Another hero was Tom Swift, in the books.

What he stood for, the freedom, the scientific knowledge and being and engineer gave him the ability to invent solutions to problems. He's always been a hero to me. I buy old Tom Swift books now and read them to my own children.


Being an electronic genius was a reputation I had, maybe being even into math and science almost exclusively and not wanting to be in the other normal parts of the world.


I wanted to be funny. And I'm always acknowledged for my pranks and jokes nowadays.


The biggest benefit in my life comes from my Segway, which I use everywhere I am. If I'm going to San Antonio, for example, I'll load it in the car and just go everywhere with it.


In some parts of life, like mathematics and science, yeah, I was a genius.

I would top all the top scores you could ever measure it by.


I'm surprised at the extent of the bigotry.

But it really plays out when companies or schools take a side and prohibit the other platform at all. We Mac users should be good even when the other side is bad. We should do what we can to accept the other platforms.


I think that the anti-Microsoft sentiment is simply due to their having been so successful selling a lot of crap.


Hard disks have disappointed me more than most technologies.


College just didn't even have computers for an under-curriculum when I started college.


Like people including Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have predicted, I agree that the future is scary and very bad for people. If we build these devices to take care of everything for us, eventually they'll think faster than us and they'll get rid of the slow humans to run companies more efficiently.


Some great people are leaders and others are more lucky, in the right place at the right time. I'd put myself in the latter category.


You have to seek the simplest implementation of a problem solution in order to know when you've reached your limit in that regard. Then it's easy to make tradeoffs, to back off a little, for performance reasons. You can simplify and simplify and simplify yet still find other incredible ways to simplify further.


Not everything in life can go perfectly according to plan.

I mean I didn't keep every girlfriend I ever had.


I started passing out the schematics and the code listings for the computer, telling everyone here it is. It's small, it's simple, it's inexpensive: Build your own. No idea to start a company. Steve Jobs came by later and say, you know, people are interested. Why don't we start a company?


The way I did it, every job was A+.


When you're providing a service to somebody, you're the guy they always call when something's wrong.


Neither one of us could be sure we'd get our money back on this investment, but we just wanted to have company of our own for once because we were best friends.


Steve Jobs had very strong feelings about what makes a company great, what makes products great. He more or less chose Tim Cook to be in that role, in that position.


My whole life had been designing computers I could never build.

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