The world doesn't change in front of your eyes, it changes behind your back.

— Terry Hayes

The most cheering Terry Hayes quotes that are glad to read

Nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder;

they have only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.


Computers don't lie, but liars can compute.


A child who had been introduced to misery in Saudi Arabia, a teenager who went to wage jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan, a deeply devout Muslim who had graduated with honors in medicine, a man who had fed a stranger to wild dogs in Damascus, a zealot who had dosed three foreigners with smallpox and watched them die in agony, gave thanks to Allah for the blessings that had been bestowed upon him.


Some people say that compassion is the purest form of love because it neither expects nor demands anything in return.


If you want to be free, all you have to do is let go.