Dark clouds outside are no match to the bright smiles of volunteers at the GK relief center. Hope shines brightest in darkness. Miracles of solidarity can help a nation walk on water.

— Tony Meloto

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A country of victims is also a country of heroes, risking their lives so others will live. This is the Philippines, the country we love.


Discover how beautiful our country is and how wonderful our people are.

Time to fall in love with the Philippines.


Poverty is abandonment. We have abandoned the poor.


When heroes fall from the sky, many more will learn to fly.


If you really want to be happy, don't just go for the money.

Go for the relationship that lasts. Go for things of greater value.


Bring the genius of the rich to unleash the genius of the poor.


Success is not about having a lot but about making the most of what you have.

But success alone however will not necessarily make you fulfilled or happy. It is how you share your achievements with others to make their lives better that will. This is called greatness. It is about living life with a purpose beyond self and family.