A sage once said, ‘How shall I open my heart, oh friend? It is forbidden for me to speak. I am about to die for lack of a kindred soul to understand my misery. Simply by looking in her eyes I find the beloved of my heart. But rare is such a soul who swims in ecstatic bliss on the high tide of heavenly love.

— Trevor Hall

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Tell me how many songs that I must sing before I can see you in your glory, hear your whole entire story, bathe inside your golden, golden sea?


You only see the top of a lily pad, but if you pull the lily pad out of the water, it has roots and tangled weeds and all the stuff that comes with it.


I'm not really good at hiding pain or taking something and transforming it into something good. When those things come along, I really try to just sit with them and let it run its course because it's necessary to feel both sides of the coin.


The world keeps turnin' It gets merry like a merry go 'round It gets cold like a frozen winter Well I change like summer fall But I know love is all in all Seeds we're always sowing The grace is always blowing We've just got to lift the sail And we're bound to hit the shore We'll finally calm this storm.


Mad with the love of a wife for her husband.

.. sing for the Most High sing for no other. We are all notes in this eternal song. God plays His flute and we all dance along.


It's just seems life without music would be death.


I'm not really good at hiding pain or taking something and transforming it into something good.


I'm the type of guy that I wear my heart on my sleeve.

If I'm in a good or bad mood, then everybody knows it.


For me, that's where my spiritual practice comes in.

It's come from a lot of people that I've met that have influenced me over the years, and it's remembering those people, what they taught me.


On my first trip to India, my guru took me to an ashram in Allahabad.

I felt like I was walking into a place I had been before. It felt like it was my spiritual home.


If you say something, then it exposes you.


Music was such a love of mine. It was my way of exploring life, my internal world. To be honest, I don't really know why or why not. It's just seems life without it would be death.


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Whatever path you follow push on till tomorrow, Love all, Serve all, and Create no sorrow.


Rush like a river from the highest mountain, drink from the fountain and stop your counting. What kind of wine does he have in his tavern, oh so enchanted and sing like a mad man. Mad with the love of a wife for her husband, child or mother, sister or brother... sing for the Most High, sing for no other. We are all notes in this eternal song, God plays his flute and we all dance along.


In our own selves sometimes we don't feel right in this body.

I think it's because our original nature is eternally free


Ever since I was a young kid, I was always hungry for something.

It was this thing inside me that no matter what I did, I couldn't satisfy it.


When you're young, you're not really worried too much about what people think.

You're just in this beautiful, natural place with creativity, and it's just flowing through you, whereas after a few years and a few records, you have all these pressures starting to build on your back.