I wish I never fell so deep in love with you and now it ain't no way we can be friends.

— Trey Songz

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Change is a natural form of progression.


Love is hard to find, but love is one of a kind.


Never forget the morals instilled in you and what really matters in Life.

Never let other voices of other people drown out your inner voice


The people who support me and my dreams make me feel like I'm on top of the world.


Count your blessings. Every time I am doing bad I count my blessings. And I always lose count. Try that sometime.


In my dressing room, you'll definitely find some Starbursts and Skittles.

I have a lot of candles that remind me of home, and a humidifier for my voice. I also have some digital Kodak albums where I have pictures of my friends and family.


I take pride in working very hard. You need to understand that hard work doesn't instantly pay off. My career grew gradually and taught me a lesson every step of the way.


From the music I make, to the things I do in my life, I'm true to my R&B core.


I think people just feel me. Whenever they listen to the music, it's just coming out. I think you can hear what I put into it. A lot of it is God. You can use stuff to where you want it. Like I pray to God, and I asked for direction early on, and he gave me so much. It's like rappers and soul singers is taking to me. That's both sides of me.


Success is what you envisage it to be.

You have to go into any profession knowing what you want because people will place expectations on you and their idea of success could taint yours.


I've never really been settled. I don't think I've ever known what it was like to be a person that was used to sitting still. I think it's given me the ability to detach from any situation.


As blacks, all we got is sports and entertainment. That's the only way out the hood sometimes.


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Birthday November 28, 1984

The first tattoo I got was when I was 17, and it's a cross on my bicep with 'Only God Can Judge Me' underneath.


Singing wasn't a reality for me, until other people started noticing I sounded good.


Style is a display of character. It's also a great way to express yourself and the ladies like it.


As a musician-turned-actor, you ordinarily face one of two scenarios.

Either all the pressure of success or failure is on your shoulders, so if the picture does poorly, you might never get another movie role, or you have a situation where you already have an anchor, which allows you to work your way up the ranks.


It wouldn't be me if I didn't get a little nasty.


Life in general you gotta believe in you.

... you live your life for you, you do what you do for you, because the moment you start to live your life for others you'll lose yaself within that. Focus on what it is you want to have. Go get it.


When you are giving a certain portion of your life to people and you're selling it sexually, you're selling it sensually, and you're selling it romantically - for you to then take that portion that you give only to fans away and to give it to one person, it kind of... if they don't approve, it might be crickets for me.


If I only had 24 hours to live, I'd most likely spend it letting people know I loved them, and trying to make things right with whoever things were wrong with. One thing about life, man, once you're gone, the only true impact you have is on the lives you affected positively, no matter how many hit songs or movies you had.


I've been in front of the camera a million times as a musician, and even directed a few music videos. So, I know a lot about spacing, focus, blocking, etcetera. So, acting isn't totally new for me. Still, I find it fascinating, because you actually get to be another person.


I believe I am happy. I don't think I have achieved happiness in all areas of my life yet. As far as success is concerned, my family is being taken care of. But I think the last level of happiness would be becoming a father.


I don't think music can be held. I don't think artists can be put into boxes or places. It's all about creating and making the best music you can.


A lot of people are wanting him [Barack Obama] to be the president just because he's black. But I think he does have some good views.


Petersburg, growing up at home, all by my family and friends, Petersburg really, city-raised me, you know everybody there.


When I was about 15. I was just singing around, and people kept telling me I needed to try it. A friend got me to sing in front of Troy Taylor, and he took to me right there.

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