Return to a simpler life, and you will see that behind the expensive cars, the fashionable clothes, the empty celebrities, the fancy houses and the thick layers of make-up life has real meaning. Behind all the lies there is a deep well of wisdom that we can all drink from, and grow wiser, healthier and happier.

— Varg Vikernes

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The only negative thing about murder is that when you kills someone they can no longer suffer


Joining a sub-culture, any sub-culture, for whatever reason, is as I see it never a legitimate self-expression. It is always a result of sheep mentality; a wish to belong somewhere.


The ‘black metallers’ will probably continue to ‘get loaded,’ ‘get high,’ and in all other manners too behave like the stereotypical Negro; they will probably continue to get foreign tribal tattoos, dress, walk, talk, look and act like homosexuals, and so forth.


Killing a person with a 8 cm ling blunt knife is a bloody affair.


Out of pure spite we pretty much always said the opposite of what the other said, no matter what they said, only to mark distance. That's how we ended up calling ourselves Satanists, despite the fact that we absolutely were not. There was not a single Satanist in the whole Black Metal scene in Norway in 1991-92.


Naturally I never had the intention to offend or alienate Slavs.

... What makes me different from the 'nazis' are basically three things; unlike them I am not socialistic (not even on a national level), I am not materialistic and I believe in (the ancient Scandinavian!) democracy.


Europe really needs to wake up, cast aside the lies and get rid of the Jewish yoke we live under - once and for all.


A man can only grow to a certain point when alone;

to grow further you need some "irrational shocks", like a wife and children; a dramatic change to your own life.


Being sociable is a sacrifice, as I see it.

I really don't like to be, but it is necessary and worth it.


The divide between me and the modern world is growing further because I to a larger degree manage to rid myself of my dependence on the modern world. If the modern world collapsed tomorrow I would be fine, and I see so many others who would not be.


Being a Pagan without knowing much about Paganism is a bit silly, in the sense that you would probably have been a Pagan had you known more, but you could not really be because you only knew so much about it.


My "drop in the ocean" will contribute to the enlightenment of Europe, so to speak.


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With the risk of being accused of quoting the wrong person I can say that [Adolf] Hitler wrote that "the more the press attacks a person the closer he is to us".


I do feel we live through what I like to call The 2nd Renaissance, but although I foresee a widespread return to the European religion I don't foresee a return to the past. The world has changed, everything is different today, and so will Paganism be.


I like Iron Maiden and a few other bands, but by and large I don't like metal music. Most of it simply put reeks. This meant that it was no great loss for me to drop the metal music altogether.


Being attacked by the press is not something I see as a problem, but rather a confirmation that I am on the right track. It is even better when they ignore me completely, like the Norwegian press does; that means they are really afraid.


I grew up with classical music, and to a lesser extent electronic music, and that's where I belong, so to speak.


My musical ambitions are not that great.

I make music I like, and thankfully - for my ability to make an (fairly...) honest living - at least some others like the music too.


I am too conservative to use another studio than the one I am used to, so I "had" to travel all the way from France to Norway every time I wanted to record an album. That was about 3,500 km each way in a Lada Niva with a cruising speed of 90 kph.


To a large degree I don't even like most metal music I hear.


My own growth comes not (just) individually, but mainly as part of a greater change for the better.


Initially it was a fascination for Tolkienesque Fantasy, and role-playing games, with time I realized that it was the mythological elements that fascinated me the most, so I moved more and more in that direction.


I think the "dawning of a new era" sounds a bit pretentious, and to me it's simply a step closer to my roots, and thus yes - I do feel liberated by this. I know many dislike this move, and I suspect that it is not really the dawning of a new era, but rather a move to a style which sells less records


Words and ideas can change or influence the mind just like music can - yes, like a spell. Regarding the effect of my "spells" I think it varies; my music communicates with some, and I think it has had a positive influence on the minds of those who like it. I hope it helped them see the world from a different perspective.


We pick up the lost bits and pieces, from the grass where we left them, and bring them with us into a future that will be made up of so much more as well.


The metal press has a certain type of audience, and I think most of them support the magazines' negative focus on me.


Personally I don't understand why the metal press even bother, but I guess it is good they do.


The more I got to knew about Paganism the more Pagan I became, so to say, but I didn't really know enough until after the creation of Burzum.


I don't make music for any other reason than me enjoying music, and I am also glad that I am able to make a living of this.


Your music has been a powerful vehicle for your philosophies.


I wish I could say differently, but I really don't think so.

There are too many musicians already for probably anyone to be noticed without some sort of commercial support. Even the most talented ones drown in a sea of mediocrity, and only the politically correct ones will ever be promoted (willingly...) by the press anyhow.


I don't need to publish anything to make a living, so to speak, and I think it is much more important to spread information about our European religion than it is to make money from doing so.


I'd say the modern world has moved yet further away from me, and I don't think whether or not I am incarcerated has had much to say in this context. Living with your family changes you, for the better, and that would be the reason for the accelerated growth in the post-prison period, so to say.


If I like the music then at least some others will too, and that is all that matters in this context.


The problem is that mainly the metal press has an interest in Burzum, and the rest of the world... probably hardly even know Burzum exists, and those who do shy away due to my fairly (:-))


If I had the money I'd pay people to have them read accurate books or posts about our own religion. It is very important not only for their self-image, but also for the future of Europe - as a biological term.


Music and improving the world are two sides of the same coin.


Our nations are run by absolute worthless scum, our streets are taken over by sub-humans, the food we eat and the water we drink contains poison, our cultures are systematically replaced by "anti-culture", history is a big lie, et cetera et cetera. Of all the options I chose to start this blog, to spread dissent, to tell others - yes Burzum fans too - that there is an alternative to all of this.


Being a man with a conscience I simply felt that I had to do something - anything! - about the world we live in.


My own growth is a part of a group evolution, definitely.

It does feel as if the changes in the group are meant to be, and that I am not as much a catalyst, so to say, but rather a result of this.


Unless you already have a name well known in at least one stratum of society, I don't think trying to do things yourself will be easy - if at all possible.


I have a fairly well known name, so for me to do things my way is not that hard.