Your body is merely a machine made to express the thoughts that flow through you and nothing more. It is but an instrument for you to express your imagings just as a piano is an instrument for a musician to express his imagings. Just as the piano is not the musician, so, likewise, your body is not you.

— Walter Russell

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The electric energy which motivates us is not within our bodies at all.

It is a part of the universal supply which flows through us from the Universal Source with an intensity set by our desires and our will.


I believe that every man can multiply his own ability by almost constant wordless realization of his unity with his Source. I have, myself, made that feeling so much a part of me that I actually feel myself to be an extension of the Source; that my works are not my own, but interpretations of this Source.


War, and more wars, are helping Government to siphon the earnings of its people into its treasury for its own selfish purpose, which is to rule the people for the Government instead of for the purpose of serving the people. When will the people see that the very taxes they pay are building a power to be used against them?


Equal interchange of goods and service between buyer and seller is the keynote of tomorrow's business world when the vision of the modern business man awakens him to the wisdom of writing that policy into his code of ethics.


Every man should be master of anything he does and should do it in a masterly manner, with love, no matter what it is, whether hard physical work, menial or boring work, or inspirational work.


The keystone of the entire structure of the spiritual and physical universe is Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between all opposites.


This whole electric universe is a complex maze of similar tensions.

Every particle of matter in the universe is separated from its condition of oneness, just as the return ball is separated from the hand, and each is connected with the other one by an electric thread of light which measures the tension of that separateness.


Down deep in his heart he knew that we all have the same promise of the unlimited help of the Universal Intelligence that guides all things. If we want it, we only have to plug into it with the master keys of desire and trust.


When our knowing exceeds our sensing, we will no longer be deceived by the illusions of our senses.


If we think we are tired or ill, it is only because we have done something to unbalance the bodily conductivity of the universal electric current which motivates it.


There should be no distasteful tasks in one's life.

If you just hate to do a thing, that hatred for it develops body-destructive toxins, and you become fatigued very soon.


You may command nature to the extent only in which you are willing to obey her.


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I believe that such constant realization ennobles one automatically.

One's stature is greater, one's step more elastic, one's aura more powerful; and it makes other people see that Light in one's eyes which attracts people to him who has it.


All motion is curved and all curvature is spiral.


You have to gather your energy together.

..conserving it and insulating it from dissipation in every direction other than that of your purpose.


Security and contentment can come only through interdependence of every man upon every other man.


Our very name for God's Creation is NATURE, for that is what Nature is.

I shall define Nature for you in simple words. Nature is an electric wave thought image of God's nature, electrically projected from His formless and unconditioned ONE LIGHT into countless many forms of conditioned light which we call matter.


I believe sincerely that every man has consummate genius within him.


The Russell Cosmogony with its new concepts of light, matter, energy, electricity and magnetism is a simple yet complete, consistent and workable cosmogony which will enable future scientists to visualize the universe as a unified whole, and will open the door to the New Age of Transmutation.


All of man's wars are based upon TAKING. There could be no war based upon GIVING.


I will do today that which is of today and pay no heed to the tomorrow;

nor waste regrets on that which was yesterday.


I never let the thought of failure enter my mind.

My knowledge of my unity with the Universal One and the fact that I must do this thing, and the inspired belief I should do it as a demonstration of my belief in man's unlimited power, made me ignore the difficulties that lay in the way.


The cube and the sphere are the sole working tools of creation


Lock yourself up in your room or go out in the woods where you an be alone.

When you are alone the universe talks to you in flashes of inspiration.


The thinking of creative and successful men is never exerted in any direction other than that intended. That is why great men produce such a prodigious amount of work, seemingly without effort and without fatigue. The amount of work such men leave to posterity is amazing.


The universe gives to those who ask without favor. The electric plug which connects you is desire.


There is no necessity for a technique or formula for meditation.

Inner feeling, or inner knowing, is the silent voice of inspiration.


Every thought and action of anyone affects everyone.


Happy salesmen not only multiply their volume of business and their income, they also multiply themselves.


I do not recognize these as defeats. They are but interesting experiences of life. They are valuable stepping stones to success.


I learned to cross the threshold of my studio with reverence, as though I were entering a shrine set apart for me to become co-creator with the Universal Thinker of all things.


I believe that mediocrity is self-inflicted and that genius is self-bestowed.


They know how to work without waste of energy.

In order to get the best that is within themselves, they learn to eliminate from their thoughts and actions everything which subtracts from their purposes.


I will keep my body charged with energy for fulfillment of my purpose, in accord with that which is commanded of me.


The sum total of each man's giving determines the standard of man's civilization.


You can become a great creator or a little one as the intensity of your desire is little or great.


...all knowledge exists in the Mind universe of Light - which is God - that all Mind is One Mind, that men do not have separate minds, and that all knowledge can be obtained from the Universal Source of All-Knowledge by becoming One with that Source.


In the business world, unwise men take more that they give.

They do not realize that they are breaking the Universal Law which will eventually break them to an equal extent. It may not be balanced in the form of dollars and cents but in the loss of good-will upon which their future business depends.


"We must learn that the electric Universe of motion is divided into wave cycles which are equally divided into opposite expressions"


Motivational Quotes on: Honesty, Success, Kind There was a tremendous modesty in the man as he spoke, a quietness and dignity. There was a simplicity and honesty and unselfconsciousness, and a tremendous peace.


The Life Triumphant is that which places what a man gives to the world in creative expression far ahead of that which he takes from it of the creations of others.


By ecstasy I mean inner joyousness, and by inner joyousness I mean those inspirational fires which burn within the consciousness of great geniuses, fires which give to them an inconquerable vitality of spirit which breaks down all barriers as wheat bends before the wind.


I am a patient God. All men will come to Me in due time, but the agony of awaiting that day shall be theirs alone. And that day shall not come until man himself shall cleanse himself from his own unbalanced thinking.


I have no limitations. Unlimited power is mine within that which is universal.


Verily has man freewill to control his actions.

That my Father-Mother has given to man as his inheritance. But the control of the ractions to those actions man has never had. This my Father-Mother holds inviolate. These cannot become man's except through modifying his actions until the reactions are their exact equal and opposite in equilibrium.


No civilization can exist part free and part slave.

..We have never had any other kind of civilization. It has always been that way. There has always been a division of man. There has always been the conqueror and conquered-the master and slave-the ruler and the ruled-the oppressor and the oppressed. There has never been content nor unity. There has been only discontent and disunity.


Action and reaction are equal and opposite, and are expressed simultaneously.

Sequentially they are repeated in reverse, the reaction becoming the action and the action the reaction.


When I arrived at the point where I received public acclaim, I felt the most lowly, because I knew within myself that I had but begun to tap my inner resources.


Grief is selfish. It is indulged in for self-gratification, not for love. Cosmic man knows the beauty and unreality of death.