Why is acquiescence to the numerous viewed as better servitude than bowing to might?

— William J. Murray

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Good, law-abiding, value-oriented citizens are the ultimate in hypocrisy;

"majority rules" and the law are exactly the same as being the biggest bully on the block with the biggest stick-it is only might that allows one group to force another to live by its code of conduct.


Democracy, or "majority rules," is another trick of our society to force us to do things we don't want to do. Even if we actually lived in a pure democracy (and the system we do live in is not even close), where everyone got a single vote on every subject, forcing the minority to obey the majority is no different to one man, if he had the power, forcing everyone else to do what he wanted them to-simply because he could.


If you do not assume the law of non-contradiction, you have nothing to argue about. If you do not assume the principles of sound reason, you have nothing to argue with. If you do not assume libertarian free will, you have no one to argue against. If you do not assume morality to be an objective commodity, you have no reason to argue in the first place.


Atheist leader Madalyn Murray O'Hair was murdered.

Jon Murray and Robin Murray-O'Hair were also murdered by individuals involved with the atheist organization.

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