The Moon Pie is a bedrock of the country store and rural tradition. It is more than a snack. It is a cultural artifact.

— William R. Ferris

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I think the ties to slavery and the terrible tragedy that followed the Civil War with Jim Crow and racial violence is closely linked to the Confederate flag.


I think a proud Southerner is a Southerner who is aware of his or her past, and being proud of one's past does not mean you accept it. It means that you realize that we've come through the fire, and we're headed in another direction.


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When we say the South lost the Civil War, we mean the white South.

The blacks were liberated. And it's trying to redefine this Southern myth and bring it in a more positive direction.


We have, for generations, been trying to be more inclusive of the word Southern.

And a symbol like the confederate flag indicates white only are allowed into that world. And removing the Confederate flag from public view to the pages of history is long overdue.


There is a mythic view of the South that's symbolized by the film "Gone With The Wind" that looks back fondly at slavery as a time when everything was happily in place - in place for whites.


Where you find obesity, you'll find poverty.

It's a reflection of the South's struggle to raise its standard of living.