The hi-tech industry is not a monolithic thing. If you look on a timeline of a company, you see that in the beginning, you have to come up with an idea and to be willing to take risk. You have to grow fast, you have to think fast, and you have to do this usually in small teams.

— Yossi Vardi

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There are many ways to prescribe happiness but there is one way that is available to everybody, it's not very expensive ... it's very democratic, and everyone has acesss to it. It is: Find someone who needs help and help him for no ulterior motive.


If you are afraid to fail, then you should go and become a banker.


This is the reason why there are currently about 6,000 startups in Israel.

And the nature of the Israeli entrepreneur—who is not afraid and is resourceful, motivated and fast moving—all give us an advantage.

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