I'm kinda racist... I don't really like dark butts too much... It's rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare... It's like, no darker than me. No darker than me. I love the pool test.... If you can be like 'Yo, baby. I met you in the club. Let's go back to my house. Jump in the pool exactly like you are.'-And you don't come looking better wet than you were before you got in the pool then that's not a good look.

— Yung Berg

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I guess my parents wasn't f***ing with me being with X.

It was more less, they thought that my life was in danger. They felt it was hurting more, then it was helping. So they ended up pulling me out of the deal. It was actually a blessing in disguise because everything worked out for the best at the end of the day.


I was born in the Chi fo sho' and raised there till I was like 15.

I then went on the road with X [DMX] and then moved to New York. I've moved to L.A. since then. I really have been bouncing around since 15.