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Success is that old ABC - ability, breaks, and courage. Charles Luckman, businessman

The ABC of our profession is to avoid these large abstract terms in order to try to discover behind them the only concrete realities, which are human beings. Marc Bloch, historian

Between work and the kids, I never see anyone anymore. I mean, when I first met with ABC last spring, and they asked me what I'd been doing lately, I said: 'Gee, I have two kids. I'm usually covered with food, wrinkled and feel guilty all the time. Felicity Huffman, actress

I know that the work is good and they're excited over at ABC and Disney and it's getting some really good feedback. It's not just a little, insignificant kind of role. It's meaty, which is good. Josh Holloway, actor

I did a lot of personal appearances because I was under contract to ABC. David Selby, actor

The environment doesn't change that radically. You are still going to go home at night and NBC is going to be there, ABC and CBS will still be there. Dick Wolf, producer

This is my third ABC show over the last four years, so we were afraid that nobody would find it. ABC was really struggling and so we just weren't very confident that it would find an audience. James Denton, actor

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