If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success.

— Will Smith

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I am gay on the outside, especially among my own folk (I count Poles my own);

but inside something gnaws at me; some presentiment, anxiety, dreams - or sleeplessness - melancholy, indifference - desire for life, and the next instant, desire for death; some kind of sweet peace, some kind of numbness, absent-mindedness.

Absent quote If you're abest during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success
If you're abest during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success.

Although awareness of cancer's prevalence in the United States improves and medical advances in the field abound, pancreatic cancer has largely been absent from the list of major success stories.

Absent quote A person howerer learned and qualified in his life's work inwhom gratitude is ab
A person howerer learned and qualified in his life's work inwhom gratitude is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes personality fragrant.

Out of sight, out of mind. The absent are always in the wrong.

By contemplating the impermanence of everything in the world, we are forced to recognize that every time we do something could be the last time we do it, and this recognition can invest the things we do with a significance and intensity that would otherwise be absent. We will no longer sleepwalk through our life.

Meditation and water are wedded for ever.

Absent in body, but present in spirit.

New York... is a city of geometric heights, a petrified desert of grids and lattices, an inferno of greenish abstraction under a flat sky, a real Metropolis from which man is absent by his very accumulation.

If measure and symmetry are absent from any composition in any degree, ruin awaits both the ingredients and the composition... Measure and symmetry are beauty and virtue the world over.

In the months leading up to World War II, there was a tendency among many Americans to talk absently about the trouble in Europe. Nothing that happened an ocean away seemed very threatening.

The author of haiku should be absent, and only the haiku present.

For my own part, I would rather be in company with a dead man than with an absent one; for if the dead man gives me no pleasure, at least he shows me no contempt; whereas the absent one, silently indeed, but very plainly, tells me that he does not think me worth his attention.

What can be more stupid than to be in pain about future things and absent ones which at present are not felt?

Give the devil his due.

Though there are times when it may seem like God is silent, he is never absent.

Voting is a Constitutional right. Absent any evidence of fraud, all Americans have a protected right to vote, be they rich or poor, black, Hispanic or white, people who live in a big city or in remote rural areas.

Yet let us not pass from memory those left absent from our arms.

Those who sacrificed their lives so that all may live free!

Letters are signs of things, symbols of words, whose power is so great that without a voice they speak to us the words of the absent; for they introduce words by the eye, not by the ear.

It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things.

The supreme lesson of any education should be to think for yourself and to be yourself; absent this attainment, education creates dangerous, stupefying conformity.

We care. We feel. We think. We do not always miss the absent one. We cannot always come when called. Being friends with a loner requires patience and the wisdom that distance does not mean dislike.

Love is unconditional and incomprehensible.

And I believe it's possible to love absent of mutual respect.

Happiness is rarely absent; it is we that know not of its presence.

There is no greatness where simplicity, goodness and truth are absent.

People will change when they see that the change will help them reach their goals. If the CHRO sees that the HR transformation that others desire will help the CHRO reach his or her goals, then there will be more support. Absent this reasoning, the CHRO may go through the motions, but the transformation will not be sincere or lasting.

I must be getting absent-minded. Whenever I complain that things aren't what they used to be, I always forget to include myself.

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The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression.

Isn’t desire always the same, whether the object is present or absent? Isn’t the object always absent? —This isn’t the same languor: there are two words: Pothos, desire for the absent being, and Himéros, the more burning desire for the present being.

Friends, though absent, are still present.

Boys want to grow up to be like their male role models.

And boys who grow up in homes with absent fathers search the hardest to figure out what it means to be male.

... if we are ashamed to imitate our Lord's sufferings, which He endured for us, and to suffer as He suffered, it is obvious that we shall not become partakers with Him in His glory. If that is true of us we shall be believers in word only, not in deed. When deeds are absent, our faith is dead.

[W]hen the mind is really absent, in that silence, in that unlimited space, your potential starts glowing, radiating, flowering. Suddenly you are full of cherry blossoms, a new presence, a new fragrance.

Trust is like the air we breathe--when it's present, nobody really notices;

when it's absent, everybody notices.

To walk is to lack a place. It is the indefinite process of being absent and in search of a proper.

Poverty arises and persists where corruption is endemic and enterprise is stifled, where basic fairness provided by the rule of law is absent. In such circumstances, poverty is an assault against human dignity, and in that assault lies the natural seed of human anger