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Chad was in the right spot. He got a little aggressive with the third shot there. He probably didn't want that putt he had there for the par. And you don't want to put it back there where Casey and Sergio did because you have 20 feet of break there.

— Hal Sutton

Joyful Casey quotations

The presence of American troops is fueling the insurgency in Iraq, as acknowledged by General Casey and numerous other experts, and is helping terrorist recruiters build their numbers across the globe.

I'm probably the only guy who worked for (Casey) Stengel before and after he was a genius.

If Casey Stengel were alive today, he'd be spinning in his grave.

There were things that would irritate Casey, but trying too hard or getting mad at sitting on the bench weren't among them.

The Supreme Court ruled that disabled golfer Casey Martin has a legal right to ride in a golf cart between shots at PGA Tour events. Man, the next thing you know, they're going to have some guy carry his clubs around for him.

I don't believe a manager ever won a pennant.

Casey Stengel won all those pennants with the Yankees. How many did he win with the Boston Braves and Mets?

When you have people like Casey [Affleck] and Michelle Williams and they want to do more takes you don't say, "Sorry, that's it." And I also don't like to say, "It's fine, it's great." Unless it's clearly there.

It occurs to me as we're all sitting here thinking of Mickey, he's probably somewhere getting an earful from Casey Stengel, and no doubt quite confused by now.

Baseball has traditionally possessed a wonderful lack of seriousness.

The game's best player, Babe Ruth, was a Rabelaisian fat man, and its most loved manager, Casey Stengel, spoke gibberish. In this lazy sport, only the pitcher pours sweat. Then he takes three days off.

If you look at old pictures, Irene Casey is so pretty.

Not just young, but pretty the way you look when your face goes smooth, the skin around your eyes and lips relaxed, the pretty you only look when you love the person taking the picture.

[My son] Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives.

With The Host, I think the actors could be really big names.

That would be cool. Id love to see Robert Redford put on a beard and be Jeb; he would be amazing... Matt Damon has some very Jared-esque qualities, and then Casey Affleck as Ian and Ben Affleck as Kyle. Imagine the interplay.

Mara Casey gave me my first job. I saw something online, and it was for a part in a "Gilmore Girls" episode, and I thought I was right for it.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty. This means that President Obama’s economic team is only the second-most clueless group in America.

Casey knew his baseball. He only made it look like he was fooling around. He knew every move that was ever invented and some that we haven't even caught on to yet.

When it was over, I was so happy, I felt like crying.

I wanted to win this one for Casey. After what I did in Brooklyn, he could have forgotten about me and who would blame him? But he gave me another chance and I'm grateful.

When I was covering baseball the Reds had a first baseman, Sean Casey.

His nickname was "The Mayor" because he knew and connected with absolutely everyone. Incredibly lovely ... even invited Red writers to his wedding. And that never happens.

Some actors really like to do only a few, some like Casey [Affleck] will do as many takes as there is electrical power. At some point, you'll say, "Listen, I think it's really good." And he'll say, "You sure? You sure? There's not some other way we should try it?"

I was beating Amanda Lim to death with the tire iron, I accidently hit her in the finger. It was a fake tire iron, but it was run through with metal in the middle and when she looked up after the take, she was crying and it really hurt her and so I felt pretty terrible about that, but they got back at me when I had my big fight with Casey at the end and she just beat the bejesus out of me, being the amazing stuntwoman that she is.

Maybe it's like Casey says. A fellow ain't got a soul of his own. Just a little piece of a big soul. The one big soul that belongs to everybody.

The beginning of my love for football goes back to when I was seven years old.

I was spending time with my grandmother, Caletha Vick. I never knew anything about the game until one Sunday afternoon when she turned on the television because the Redskins were playing. They were my Uncle Casey's favorite team-and my grandmother's favorite too. After watching the game with them, I was hooked.

I always liked Casey Stengel as a manager because he seemed to have a grasp of so many things.

Billy copied Casey to a 'T.'

Casey didn't easily forgive a guy who got doubled up on a hit-and-run play.

He didn't see any reason why the runner couldn't take a quick glance back toward the plate to make sure the ball was hit safely.

After a play in the field Casey would turn (to the players on the bench) and say 'What did he do wrong?' or 'You're better than that guy.' Either way, he'd keep them from getting stale.

My views are just about the same as Casey's.

Casey wanted us to stay loose. That didn't mean clowning around. He just meant we should be confident and relaxed. We shouldn't feel that one strikeout was going to end the season for us.

He foresaw the platooning that managers like Casey Stengel used years before it happened. He told me I had to be a switch-hitter if I was going to play.

The publishers and others should quit worrying about losing customers to TV.

The guy who can sit through a trio of deodorant commercials to look at Flashgun Casey or swallow a flock of beer and loan-shark spiels in order to watch a couple of fourth-rate club fighters rub noses on the ropes is not losing any time from book reading.

Casey Blake (a former Minnesota Twin, now with the Indians) is a good friend of mine, I'd like to see the Indians win.

One time in spring training, we had the hit-and-run on, and Carl Erskine threw me a curve and I struck out into a double play. I came back to the bench and Casey [Stengel] said, 'next time, tra-la-la.' I didn't know what tra-la-la meant, but next time up, I hit a line drive, right into a double play. When I sat down, Casey came over and said, 'Like I told you, tra-la-la.'

Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright;

The band is playing somewhere; and somewhere hearts are light; And somewhere men are laughing; and little children shout; But there is no joy in Mudville- great Casey has struck out.

Driving that train, high on cocaine Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed Trouble ahead, trouble behind And you know that notion just crossed my mind

I’m a huge South Park fan, loved Avenue Q and can not wait to work with Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Bobby Lopez and Casey Nicholaw. Elder Price is an amazing role and I am so excited to take The Book of Mormon across the country.

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