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The Most Famous Disability Quotes (Best in 2024)

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Know me for my abilities, not my disability. — Robert M. Hensel

We all have disabilities. Just some are more visible than others. We all have challenges, we all have obstacles — Amy Purdy

It's not the disability that defines you; it's how you deal with the challenges the disability presents you with. — Jim Abbott

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone. — Martina Navratilova

You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have. — Oscar Pistorius

Ask many of us who are disabled what we would like in life and you would be surprised how few would say, 'Not to be disabled.' We accept our limitations. — Itzhak Perlman

Disability is not a brave struggle or 'courage in the face of adversity.' Disability is an art. It's an ingenious way to live. — Neil Marcus

Those we most often exclude from the normal life of society, people with disabilities, have profound lessons to teach us — Jean Vanier

Disability doesn't make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does. — Stella Young

The only true disability is a crushed spirit — Aimee Mullins

Short Disability Quotes

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  • Attacking People With Disabilities is the Lowest Display of Power I Can Think Of — Morgan Freeman
  • The only disability in life is a bad attitude. — Scott Hamilton
  • I thank God for my handicaps. For through them, I have found myself, my work and my God. — Helen Keller
  • Some people have a negative attitude, and that's their disability. — Marla Runyan
  • Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do anything. — Tim Peake
  • I’m unique there’s not many people that look like me. — Martyn Ford
  • I was not keen on fitness before injury and now I am very keen on fitness. — Smriti Mandhana
  • Disability is the inability to see ability. — Vikas Khanna
  • The best decision I ever made was to drop out of school. — KSI
  • The deaf man cannot hear, but he composes well. — Mexican Proverbs

Top 10 Disability Quotes

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Attacking People With Disabilities is the Lowest Display of Power I Can Think Of — Morgan Freeman

The only disability in life is a bad attitude. — Scott Hamilton

It's not the disability that defines you; it's how you deal with the challenges the disability presents you with. — Jim Abbott

Those we most often exclude from the normal life of society, people with disabilities, have profound lessons to teach us — Jean Vanier

I thank God for my handicaps. For through them, I have found myself, my work and my God. — Helen Keller

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect. — Tim Berners-Lee

Some people have a negative attitude, and that's their disability. — Marla Runyan

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone. — Martina Navratilova

A large part of the present anxiety to improve the education of girls and women is also due to the conviction that the political disabilities of women will not be maintained. — Millicent Fawcett

Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do anything. — Tim Peake

Disability quote The only disability in life is a bad attitude.
The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Positive Disability Quotes

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This is an exciting opportunity to positively impact the lives of Canadian children with a disability by providing a more direct route to help them reach their full potential. — Milos Raonic

Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you. — Bethany Hamilton

Freedom of religion means the right of the individual to choose and to adhere to whichever religious beliefs he may prefer, to join with others in religious associations to express these beliefs, and to incur no civil disabilities because of his choice. — Joseph Leon Blau

Disability quote Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of
Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of.

People are starting to realize that the disability community has been disenfranchised and deserves to have its rights recognized, which I see as a positive trend. I don't think it'll be a quick process, but I see more attention being given to it. — Jay Ruderman

There have been so many examples of highly qualified judges of enormous integrity who lost their positions because they were in fact disabled from speaking out to defend a controversial opinion. — Deborah Rhode

I can't change it, That was God's plan for my life and I'm going to go with it. — Bethany Hamilton

Inspirational Disability Quotes

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A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strenghs; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities. — William Arthur Ward

Humans are not disabled. A person can never be broken. Our built environment, our technologies, are broken and disabled. We the people need not accept our limitations, but can transcend disability through technological innovation. — Hugh Herr

The timeless challenge in the real world is to help less-talented people transcend their limitations. — Michael Abrashoff

Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life. — Emma Thompson

When disease took my legs, I eventually realized I didn't need them to lead a full, empowering life; Only True Disability Is in Our Mind. — Amy Purdy

The first thing that people notice is that; one the height, two the size, three the tattoos. — Martyn Ford

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open. — B.K.S. Iyengar

There's a tendency to treat anyone with a physical disability as inspiring. I call it a pedestal of prejudice, in that you're lifting people up to dismiss them. My whole thing is bringing us down to everyone else's level and saying we're all the same. The struggle is the same. — Zach Anner

Every disability is imagined. Every achievement is an experience. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

People with disabilities want to be recognised for what they can do, not what they can't do. — Karni Liddell

Ability In Disability Quotes

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I was slightly brain damaged at birth, and I want people like me to see that they shouldn't let a disability get in the way. I want to raise awareness - I want to turn my disability into ability. — Susan Boyle

I choose not to place "DIS," in my ability. — Robert M. Hensel

As a disabled man, let my life be a reflection of the endless amount of ability that exists in each and everyone of us. — Robert M. Hensel

All abilities are paid for with disabilities. perfect health may entail the heavy toll of bovine stupidity. insight into one area involves blind spots in another. — William S. Burroughs

I dont believe in disabilities, I believe in ability. — Bill Austin

Disable Quotes

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Those who are most sensitive about "politically incorrect" terminology are not the average black ghetto-dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any "oppressed" group but come from privileged strata of society. — Theodore Kaczynski

I honestly didn't think miracles could ever come from my broken pieces, and I was disabled in fear that my dreams would always remain as dreams. Don't give up on you. Don't give up on God. Don't give up on love. — Nick Vujicic

There is a difference between broke and being poor. Being broke is a temporary economic condition, but being poor is a disabling frame of mind and a depressed condition of your spirit, and you must vow to never, ever be poor again. — John Hope Bryant

I have a son, Mason, who is disabled - cerebral palsy - and he does not walk independently, sit independently or speak. He uses a talking computer. I started becoming an advocate for him when he was 3 years old. — Laura San Giacomo

Let's stop 'tolerating' or 'accepting' difference, as if we're so much better for not being different in the first place. Instead, let's celebrate difference, because in this world it takes a lot of guts to be different. — Kate Bornstein

Woman has so long been subject to the disabilities and restrictions with which her progress has been embarrassed that she has become enervated, her mind to some extent paralyzed; and like those still more degraded by personal bondage she hugs her chains. — Lucretia Mott

You must obey this now for a law, that he that will not work shall not eat (except by sickness he be disabled). For the labors of thirty or forty honest and industrious men shall not be consumed to maintain a hundred and fifty idle loiterers. — John Smith

Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security. It is one of the most important safety nets for American women in old age, or in times of disability, to insure financial income for their families. — Barbara Mikulski

Obviously, because of my disability, I need assistance. But I have always tried to overcome the limitations of my condition and lead as full a life as possible. I have traveled the world, from the Antarctic to zero gravity. — Stephen Hawking

PLATONIC, adj. Pertaining to the philosophy of Socrates. Platonic Love is a fool's name for the affection between a disability and a frost. — Ambrose Bierce

People With Disabilities Quotes

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People didn't always see a person with a disability who had to use a ramp or elevator as people who have been given unnecessary privileges. But I run into that often now. People are saying, 'Why do we have to go to great expense for these people?' — Major Owens

We have a responsibility as a state to protect our most vulnerable citizens: our children, seniors, people with disabilities. That is our moral obligation. But there is an economic justification too - we all pay when the basic needs of our citizens are unmet. — John Lynch

I see blindness more as an ability and sight more as a disability because there are some people with sight who tend to judge others by what they see on the outside but I don't see that. I don't see the skin color, the hair style or the clothing people wear; I only see that which is within a person. — Patrick Henry Hughes

I'm just a man on a mission, to prove my disability hasn't won — Robert M. Hensel

People with disabilities have abilities too and that is what this course is all about - making sure those abilities blossom and shine so that all the dreams you have can come true. — Mary McAleese

Some people sign up for the goal, but don’t sign up for the discomfort that comes along with the goal. — Russell Brunson

I know that there'll be a continuation of making the world more accessible for people with disabilities. — Stevie Wonder

It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability. One has to get on with life and I haven't done badly. People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining. — Stephen Hawking

You and I have been physically given two hands and two legs and half-decent brains. Some people have not been born like that for a reason. The karma is working from another lifetime. I have nothing to hide about that. It is not only people with disabilities. What you sow, you have to reap. — Glenn Hoddle

I was on the whole considerably discouraged by my school days... It is not pleasant to feel oneself so completely outclassed and left behind at the very beginning of the race. — Winston Churchill

Learning Disability Quotes

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I have terrible handwriting. I now say it's a learning disability... but a nun who was a very troubled woman hit me over the fingers with a ruler because my writing was so bad. — Andrew Greeley

The way my brain processes information is quite odd. I mean, I have Attention Deficit Disorder and another learning disability I can't even spell. I don't even have a high school diploma. I'm smart, but you can't prove it on paper. — Ron White

I was not good in school. I could never read very fast or very well. I got tested for learning disabilities, for dyslexia. Then I got put on Ritalin and Dexedrine. I took those starting in the eighth grade. As soon as they pumped that drug into me, it would focus me right in. — Channing Tatum

I get stubborn and dig in when people tell me I can't do something and I think I can. It goes back to my childhood when I had problems in school because I have a learning disability. — Ann Bancroft

Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities. — Paul Levinson

I spent a lot of time in the school psychologist's office. I didn't apply myself. My mother thought I had learning disabilities. — Roger Goodell

As a child, I was called stupid and lazy. On the SAT I got 159 out of 800 in math. My parents had no idea that I had a learning disability. — Henry Winkler

What a relief it was to discover that I wasnt realy an idiot! I simply had a learning disability. — John H. Johnson

Underneath the visible problems with reading and writing lies the deeper problem of 'illearnacy': an acquired disabling of learning courage and learning initiative. — Guy Claxton

We, the one's who are challenged, need to be heard. To be seen not as a disability, but as a person who has, and will continue to bloom. To be seen not only as a handicap, but as a well intact human being. — Robert M. Hensel

Disabled Children Quotes

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You've developed the strength of a draft horse while holding onto the delicacy of a daffodil ... you are the mother, advocate and protector of a child with a disability. — Lori Borgman

There are some circumstances, for example, where the newborn baby is severely disabled and where the parents think that it's better that child should not live, when killing the newborn baby is not at all wrong ... not like killing the chimpanzee would be. — Peter Singer

We are the trade union for pensioners and children, the trade union for the disabled and the sick... the trade union for the nation as a whole. — Edward Heath

Childhood vaccines are one of the great triumphs of modern medicine. Indeed, parents whose children are vaccinated no longer have to worry about their child's death or disability from whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis, or a host of other infections. — Ezekiel Emanuel

Disabled children are equally entitled to an exciting and brilliant future. — Nelson Mandela

I believe that if you are bringing a child into the world, you should be willing to accept them in any reality. Whether they are Black, White, Asian, have four fingers, are disabled, gay….that the only wish should be for a happy and healthy baby. — Dianna Agron

Prenatal testing is a complicated decision for many women, forcing us to confront concerns about a disabled child and risks of miscarriage. — Emily Oster

Human life, the person is no longer perceived as a primary value to be respected and protected, especially if poor or disabled, if not yet useful - such as the unborn child - or no longer needed - such as the elderly. — Pope Francis

The suffering inflicted, and more often than not on the most vulnerable sectors of society, demeans all of us as humanity. That it is invariably women, children, the aged and disabled who suffer in these conflicts stands to the added shame of humankind. — Nelson Mandela

Every public elementary school ought to welcome Good News Clubs. Parents appreciate them; children love them; and the First Amendment protects them. The First Amendment requires that similar groups be provided with equal treatment. Religious speech is not a disability. It is our preeminent freedom. — Mathew Staver

Physically Disabled Quotes

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I seem to be thinking rationally again in the style that is characteristic of scientists. However, this is not entirely a matter of joy as if someone returned from physical disability to good physical health. — John Forbes Nash, Jr.

If one is physically disabled, one cannot afford to be psychologically disabled as well. — Stephen Hawking

Congress acknowledged that society's accumulated myths and fears about disability and disease are as handicapping as are the physical limitations that flow from actual impairment. — Justice William J. Brennan, Jr.

These days the technology can solve our problems and then some. Solutions may not only erase physical or mental deficits but leave patients better off than "able-bodied" folks. The person who has a disability today may have a superability tomorrow. — Daniel H. Wilson

Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically. — Stephen Hawking

I’m the archetype of a disabled genius, or should I say a physically challenged genius, to be politically correct. At least I’m obviously physically challenged. Whether I’m a genius is more open to doubt. — Stephen Hawking

I am conscious of a soul-sense that lifts me above the narrow, cramping circumstances of my life. My physical limitations are forgotten- my world lies upward, the length and the breadth and the sweep of the heavens are mine! — Helen Keller

Whether you're gay or straight, with a physical disability, your skin's a different color, it's absurd in this age to not be aware and be concerned of the inequity in rights. — Carson Kressley

I've gained first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. It's made me understand that those of us who have full use of our physical faculties owe an enormous amount of respect and sensitivity to people who don't. — William J. Clinton

My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with. Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically. — Stephen Hawking

People Writing About Disability

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More Disability Quotes

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The night before my amputation, my former basketball coach brought me a magazine with an article on an amputee who ran in the New York Marathon. It was then I decided to meet this new challenge head on and not only overcome my disability, but conquer it in such a way that I could never look back and say it disabled me. — Terry Fox

Ah, afflicted one, your disabilities were meant to unite with God's enablings, your weakness to mate His power. God's grace is at hand -sufficent-- and at its best when human weakness is most profound. Appropriate it and learn that those who wait on God are stronger in their weakness than the sons of men in their stoutest health and vigor. — F.B. Meyer

We're only a couple of hundreds of years into understanding that epilepsy is a neurological disease and not a demonic possession. We're only about 50 years into understanding that certain types of learning disabilities are micro malformations in the cortex in people with dyslexia and not laziness or lack of motivation. The vast majority of these factoids presented in the book are 10, 20 years old, and all that's gonna happen is we're gonna learn more and more of that stuff. And what we're goin — Robert M. Sapolsky

So many times we say that we can't serve God because we aren't whatever is needed. We're not talented enough or smart enough or whatever. But if you are in covenant with Jesus Christ, He is responsible for covering your weaknesses, for being your strength. He will give you His abilities for your disabilities! — Kay Arthur

Now we Democrats believe that America is still the country of fair play, that we can come out of a small town or a poor neighborhood and have the same chance as anyone else, and it doesn't matter whether we are black or Hispanic, or disabled or women. — Ann Richards

I have a Disability yes that's true, but all that really means is I may have to take a slightly different path than you. — Robert M. Hensel

It boggles my mind that the same people who cry ‘foul’ about rationing an instant later argue to reduce health care benefits for the needy, to defund crucial programs of care and prevention, and to shift thousands of dollars of annual costs to people – elders, the poor, the disabled – who are least able to bear them. — Donald Berwick

The rapid growth of prenatal testing has had some undeniably positive effects: A woman who knows she will bear a child with a handicap can plan to deliver in a hospital equipped for risky births. And many couples prefer the opportunity to prepare psychologically for the work of raising a disabled child. — Tucker Carlson

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