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Maybe I am not the only one asking myself how to discrimination. But this made me think of it in a positive way.

Prejudice and discrimination have always been a big part of my life. When I was 6, I got beat up and called dirty Jew boy because they thought I looked Jewish. — Philip Zimbardo

The five essential entrepreneurial skills for success: Concentration, Discrimination, Organization, Innovation and Communication. — Harold S. Geneen

The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature, usually crushed to earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour. Sobriety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes. — William James

What is a demanding pleasure that demands the use of ones mind! Not in the sense of problem solving, but in the sense of exercising discrimination, judgment, awareness. — Ayn Rand

It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home. — Carl Rowan

We must not discriminate between things. Where things are concerned there are no class distinctions. We must pick out what is good for us where we can find it. — Pablo Picasso

Racial discrimination, South Africa's economic power, its oppression and exploitation of all the black peoples, are part and parcel of the same thing. — Oliver Tambo

Black people can be the most conservative, the most discriminating. Especially among ourselves. It wasn't white people who said all black men have to wear baggy jeans. — Kanye West

Racism quotes - the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different

Racism in the United States quotes - subjected to xenophobic exclusion and other forms of ethnicity-based discrimination in American society until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In

Price discrimination quotes - Price discrimination is a microeconomic pricing strategy where goods or services are transacted at different prices by the same provider in different markets

Reverse discrimination quotes - Reverse discrimination is discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, in favor of members of a minority or historically disadvantaged

Sexism quotes - Sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Sexism can affect anyone, but it primarily affects women and girls. It has been

Mortgage discrimination quotes - Mortgage discrimination or mortgage lending discrimination is the practice of banks, governments or other lending institutions denying loans to one or

Racial discrimination quotes - Racial discrimination is any discrimination against individuals on the basis of their skin color, or racial or ethnic origin. Individuals can discriminate

Employment discrimination quotes - Employment discrimination is a form of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, age, sexual orientation

Religious discrimination quotes - Religious discrimination is treating a person or group differently because of the particular beliefs which they hold about a religion. This includes instances