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I learned to approach racing like a game of billiards. If you bash the ball too hard, you get nowhere. As you handle the cue properly, you drive with more finesse. — Juan Manuel Fangio

Sounds like the blues are composed of feeling, finesse, and fear. — Billy Gibbons

The sailor is frankness, the landsman is finesse. Life is not a game with the sailor, demanding the long head — Herman Melville

I don't know what my label is. I just think of myself as a plain forward. I like to think I have some finesse to my game, but inside the paint is where men are made. If you can't play there, you should be home with your mama. — Karl Malone

I'm a finesse pitcher without the finesse. — David Cone

I think so. I can't think of anything that requires more finesse than comedy, both from a verbal and visual point of view. — Stacy Keach

Some players are more physical than others, some play with more finesse. Some are just really great all-around players. So you have to change your game. — Oscar Robertson

The media is such a huge piece of how we understand feminism, particularly celebrity feminism, and I really do think that so much of how that stuff gets filtered through can be either finessed or really stymied by how media talks about it. — Andi Zeisler