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It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy.

I just hate to be in one corner. I hate to be put as only a guitar player, or either only as a songwriter, or only as a tap dancer. I like to move around. — Jimi Hendrix

Still to this day, I am deeply satisfied when watching a guitar player who is connected with their art and instrument. GuitarTV helps you tap into that connection, and to each other. — Steve Vai

I spend a lot of time copying saxophone players and trumpet players. Not to say that it is not important to listen to guitar players, but there's so much music out there and so many possibilities. I like anyone who plays any instrument. — Bill Frisell

Besides being a guitar player, I'm a big fan of the guitar. I love that damn instrument. — Steve Vai

I didn't want to fall into the trap of competing with all these other great guitar players. I just want to sidestep the whole thing and get out of the race. — Kirk Hammett

Guitar players in the nineties seem to be reacting against the technique oriented eighties. — Kirk Hammett

I listen to other guitar players, yeah. It gives me new concepts and shows me where the instrument is going for the future and it is going some places. There are some musicians who are really putting out a good vibe with new theories. I try and keep up. — George Benson

The greatest guitar player in the world today for me is Paco de Lucia, who is actually Spanish. — George Benson