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40 percent of North Korean children suffer from stunted growth. 20 percent are underweight. — Tom Lantos

To call something an 'enhanced interrogation technique' doesn't alter the fact that we thought it was torture when the Japanese used it on American prisoners, we thought it was torture when the North Koreans used it, we thought it was torture when the Soviets used it. You know, it's almost the moral equivalent of saying that rape is an enhanced seduction technique. — Ted Koppel

My wife will tell you it's the little things, like driving my boys to school on my days off so she can rest. We're not into PDA, but every time we end a phone conversation, we say 'sarang,' which means love in Korean. — Daniel Dae Kim

My sister is Korean and my parents adopted her about three years before I was born and that is how I grew up. — Katherine Heigl

The men and women who serve this great nation, whether they are stationed in Iraq, Fort Riley, or the Korean Peninsula, or they serve us at home as our community first responders, serve because they believe in America. — Kathleen Sebelius

We must do all we can to help improve the deplorable human rights situation of the North Korean people. — Evan Bayh

Our nation must manage significant national security challenges over the next several years. We are already facing a potential conflict with Iraq, new challenges on the Korean peninsula, and key decisions in the president's plans to transform the military. — Duncan Hunter

I don't think the current regime of South Korea will deal actively with the issue of North Korean defectors. — Kim Y. Sam