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We do not pull in and fill up. And I'll tell you why we don't. It's because I don't buy one goddamn drop of gas in the state of Michigan. We'll coast and push this goddamn car to the Ohio line before I give this state a nickel of my money.

— Woody Hayes

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It's more than personal. I can't screw it up. I have to do.

There are no turnarounds at Michigan. This is greatness. Long tradition of it.

Fans have a constitutional right to expect success and have high expectations.

But do let me reiterate the spirit of Michigan.

It is based upon a deathless loyalty to Michigan and all her ways; an enthusiasm that makes it second nature for Michigan men to spread the gospel of their university to the world's distant outposts; a conviction that nowhere is there a better university, in any way, than this Michigan of ours.

I was reminded of another very special word when I was driving into Ann Arbor this morning, and that word is homecoming. Our family's had three homecomings to Ann Arbor, Michigan, in my lifetime.

Top to bottom Michigan is about excellence, greatness.

You have my pledge I will carry forward the excellence of Michigan football.

Michigan State is always welcome at Ann Arbor.

Your teams in all the various branches of athletics are more frequent visitors here than those of any other institution. This is as it should be, for not two universities are closer together in every way than Michigan State and Michigan.

My paintings repeat a feeling about Lake Michigan, or water, or fields.

..it's more like a poem...and that's what I want to paint.

Throughout my life I have dreamed of coaching at the University of Michigan.

Michigan is two radically different places - the North and the South which makes for good drama and contrast.

I started acting at the University of Michigan in my sophomore year.

Exercise is really important to me - it's therapeutic.

So if I'm ever feeling tense or stressed or like I'm about to have a meltdown, I'll put on my iPod and head to the gym or out on a bike ride along Lake Michigan with the girls.

You can take Saban's record when he was at Michigan State and when he was a coach in the Big Ten and put it against mine, and he can't compare.

There's no other state, none, that's as connected to their basketball program as this one. Because those other states have other programs. Michigan has Michigan State, California has UCLA, North Carolina has Duke. It's Kentucky throughout this whole state, and that's what makes us unique.

I'm pleased to say I am here for life at Michigan State.

Jobs have already started to surge. Since my election, Ford announced it will abandon its plans to build a new factory in Mexico and will instead invest $700 million in Michigan, creating many, many jobs. Fiat/Chrysler announced it will invest $1 billion in Ohio and Michigan creating 2,000 American jobs.

The cost of war impacts all of us - both in the human cost and the cost that's being felt frankly in places like Flint, Michigan, where families and children are devastated and destroyed by completely failed infrastructure because of lack of investment.

It all started in Michigan. My dad got a job in Michigan, so we all moved up there from St. Louis. I kind of hung out in the summer and had nothing to do, so I sort of got into acting. And then I was going to Grand Blanc High, doing the acting thing and hoping it would pan out.

I had woven a tapestry of obscenity that as far as I know is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.

I am so proud of Michigan's citizens for the kindness and generosity they have shown in assisting in this endeavor. It is truly heartwarming to see the compassion shown for those in need

Can we get out of this system something good for us? We could, if we were united with an intelligent self-interest that we could push, we might be able to get something. But, America is out to destroy the little man - I'm talking about those in the highest places. Flint, Michigan [contaminated water supply] was not an accident, that's by design.

Worked hard on [our message of strengthening the middle class, working people], but it didn't come through in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania.It really should have, because people are struggling. And the Democratic message and the Democratic platform would help them, but somehow it didn't come up the way it should have. But it will.

The first thing I did [in Michigan] was join a picket line of a pizzeria in Ann Harbor in 1963 that didn't allow African Americans to eat there.

The Michigan Republican primary apparently is tighter than Willie Nelson's headband.

All you have to do is look at Michigan and look at Ohio and look at all of these places where so many of their jobs and their companies are just leaving, they're gone.

I'm actually forced to write about Michigan because as a native of that state it's the place I know best.

You'd never think of taking a cab if you had to walk a mile down Chicago's Michigan Avenue. But in a bad city you take a cab just to go around the corner.

A few days before the [Mr. America] contest we heard rumors about a man who had throngs of people following him along the Lake Michigan Beach front, and we couldn't imagine who could draw crowds by merely walking along the beach!

I see more genuine sociability between the races in Mississippi than I see in Michigan. No question.

You can't find me 20 children in Chicago, I don't care which section you go in - you can be on Michigan Avenue or here - and they won't be able to tell you that y is a vowel when it's the final syllable in a word, as in Nancy and icy. And no one bothers to teach the rules anymore - "i before e except after c."

I just wasn't raised a granola eating, peace love hippie type person.

I'm from Michigan and was raised in and around Detroit where it is kind of you get respect and you give respect. That is how I feel.

Today there are two Madonnas, our lady of Fatima over here and that woman from Michigan.

Every time you see a University of Michigan team, you're going to see a team that's going to play together & fight until the end until there's two zeros on the clock.

Right now, hail to the Michigan State Spartans.

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