Writing songs is cheaper than going to therapy.

— Brent Smith

The most profound Brent Smith quotes that will inspire your inner self

You've got two choices: you could either complain about it, or use it as fuel to make you a better person.


There are no roadblocks, only springboards.


I screwed up at a young age with my parents.

They were very religious and they didn't really understand music. They didn't really listen to music. I went through a series of battles with them about why I loved music.


Well, [bluntness in songwriting]'s a lot cheaper than therapy.

... There's been a lot of things going on for the past 10 years that I just never really confronted, or used metaphors to do so. This time out I wanted to make sure that everyone knows what I'm talking about and where I'm coming from.


We definitely aren't very good at staying in one place. There's not a domesticated bone in my body.


The only thing missing from your life is what you're failing to bring to it.