I think about a storm rolling in with black clouds and I visualize the lightning and try to draw energy from that, and I think: all I have to do is beat this man until he stops moving, then I can go home to my son.

ā€” Carlos Condit

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The only thing you can do is prepare the best you can and then just accept... stuff happens.


I'm an emotional guy, I cry at movies, man, so beating GSP and winning the world title... yeah, I'll probably cry in the Octagon.


This is a sport where you get your ego checked on a regular basis, whether it's in the cage or it's at practice.


It's the quiet, humble guy that's not saying anything. That's the really dangerous one.


No matter how bad it gets, I can always rise up.


I find motivation anytime I need it, no matter how bad Iā€™m hurting I can push through anything


I want whoever has the title in a couple of months.

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