Their kitchen is their shrine, the cook their priest, the table their altar, and their belly their god.

— Charles Buck

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There is also a perfection of degrees, by which a person performs all the commands of God, with the full exertion of all his powers, without the least defect. This is what the law of God requires, but what the saints cannot attain to in this life.


Nothing can be more contrary to nature, to reason, to religion, than cruelty;

hence as inhuman man is generally considered as a monster; such monsters, however, have existed; and the heart almost bleeds at the recital of the cruel acts such have been guilty of; it teaches us, however, what human nature is when left to itself; not only treacherous, but desperately wicked.


Awful as the consideration of eternity is, it is a source of great consolation to the righteous.


Although it was in primitive times and differently called the Lord's day or Sunday, yet it was never denominated the Sabbath; a name constantly appropriate to Saturday, or the Seventh day both by sacred and ecclesiastical writers.

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