That's the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, you're never wrong.

— Christopher Buckley

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How many times had those awful words - "I know what I'm doing" - been uttered throughout history as prelude to disaster?


The best advice on writing I've ever received was from William Zinsser: 'Be grateful for every word you can cut.'


Reading any collection of a man's quotations is like eating the ingredients that go into a stew instead of cooking them together in the pot. You eat all the carrots, then all the potatoes, then the meat. You won't go away hungry, but it's not quite satisfying. Only a biography, or autobiography, gives you the hot meal.


Nothing raises the national temperature more than a VACANCY sign hanging from the colonnaded front of the Supreme Court.


Who needs evidence when you've got the Internet?


And each year now we know more, but we know no better — what we see in the sky is simply the softened gloss of the past sifting back to us, and likewise, every atom down the body’s shining length was inside a star, and will be again.


The vice-president's tongue is several time zones ahead of his brain.


One realization does dawn upon the death of the second parent, namely that you've now moved into the green room to the River Styx. You're next.


Christopher Hitchens is the greatest living essayist in the English language.


E-mails are the new herpes: You never get rid of them.


Oil they would buy from anyone. From Satan.


I'm a Republican, but I find Nancy Pelosi very attractive.

She hasn't done a single thing as congressman or Speaker of the House that has turned me on, but I find her quite okay.


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Who knew, in 2000, that compassionate conservatism meant bigger government, unrestricted government spending, government intrusion in personal matters, government ineptitude, and cronyism in disaster relief? Who knew, in 2000, that the only bill the president would veto, six years later, would be one on funding stem-cell research? A more accurate term for Mr. Bush's political philosophy might be incontinent conservatism.


I think that every man is afraid of his wife.

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