On past records I usually did start with a story or an idea for a song and then write around it, but on Achilles' Heel I would just start writing and try to let the song and my sub-conscience determine the direction. which is a goofy way of saying I tried not to decide before hand what the song and or the characters would do and be like.

— David Bazan

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Faith is a vulnerable thing, not a battle.


I'm like a small farmer who interacts with people who consume what I make and tend my little patch of ground, and the Spotifys of the world, which are like McDonald's, are going to make people less aware of how the thing gets made and of its value.


I have been writing mainly fiction. Occasionally there will be a song that hangs around the truth a little more than the rest, but even with those I end up fudging the facts just to keep it from going stale.

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