Basketball is a game of sacrificing yourself for the next guy, being a team that takes good shots, and taking the right shots

— David Blatt

The most contentment David Blatt quotes that are proven to give you inner joy

I'm proud of everybody in our organization.

Not every story has a happy ending. Doesn't mean it's a bad story.


We just don't give in. If you can bend and not break, you always got a chance.


He has become a great leader of his team, a guy that has evolved in terms of his role within the team.


We were in the NBA Finals. Two games away from winning it. I think we did pretty well.


It was an honor to coach him. He should be proud of what he did this year.


We may bend sometimes, but we don't break. There's a lot of character in that room


It was our third game in five days. It seemed to have an impact on us.


It's not like I'm a rookie pilot. In fact, I invented airplanes. And air.