My favorite duo since Thelma and Louise. They got chops, heart, and soul stirring harmonies.

— David Massengill

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Besides my fast and slooow songs, I further divide my work into three main song types: the ballad or story song, the variation on a theme (saying the same thing over and over and over again) song, and the weird song. It's important to have weird songs, but I find that a little weirdness goes a long way.


Stories were primarily verbal to begin with.

Before there were cave paintings, stories were told over generations. We tell each other thousands of stories in the course of everyday life.


I give myself the luxury of time in shaping a song.

It's very common for me to work three months or more on a single song. Plotting takes time and effort, for there are many false turns. I fill up pages and pages with my mistakes, thereby eliminating them. Eventually a trail is broken through this mountain of mistakes. Sometimes it's as easy as putting eggs in a basket; other times it's like trying to pound a ton of sand into a diamond.


I use three main tools in writing: instinct, hard work and dumb luck.

Dumb luck is missing a train and, while you wait for the next one, writing a key word, line or verse. When this happens often enough you begin to believe in Fate.


I admire the ballad form most of all.

Stories are irresistible. I've always had a passion for stories, the endings being of particular importance.