What can be broken, should be broken.

— Dmitry Pisarev

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So easily do weak men put in high positions turn villains.


Break, beat up everything, beat and destroy! Everything that's being broken is rubbish and has no right to life! What survives is good


The more developed a nation is, the more complete is the independence of the individual, and the safer the individual from encroachments by another.


If there is no sarcasm, there's no true love towards the mankind


But what is to be done? Is it possible to infect ourselves on purpose just in order to have the satisfaction of dying beautifully and tranquilly? No! What is to be done? We must live while we are alive, eat dry bread if there is no roast beef, know many women if it is not possible to love a woman, and, in general, we must not dream about orange trees and palms, when under foot are snowdrifts and the cold tundra.

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