The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man's life on earth and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence.

โ€” Eero Saarinen

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I have come to the conviction that once one embarks on a concept for a building, this concept has to be exaggerated and overstated and repeated in every part of its interior so that wherever you are, inside or outside, the building sings with the same message.


Egyptian pyramids or obelisks โ€“ seemed to be the basis of the great memorials that have kept their significance and dignity across time. Neither an obelisk nor a rectangular box nor a dome seemed right on this site or for this purpose. But here, at the edge of the Mississippi River, a great arch did seem right.


Confusion comes from trying to amalgamate several conflicting ideas.


Function influence but does not dictate form


What you newspaper and magazine writers, who work in rabbit time, don't understand is that the practice of architecture has to be measured in elephant time.


I wanted to clear up the slum of legsโ€ฆ I wanted to make the chair all one thing again.


To me the drawn language is a very revealing language: one can see in a few lines whether a man is really an architect.