One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter

— Gerald Seymour

The most colossal Gerald Seymour quotes that are glad to read

I don't tend to redraft, I will try to tidy it up, but basically I feel what I write down first has got the impetus, it may be clumsy, it may be repetitive, but a good editor can take that out. That first writing bit is the best thing you will do.


Research, for me, it's trying to get a mood, a mood of a place and style of people and it's also trying to boost my confidence and get the adrenalin flowing. I go off on my trips to odd places and dark corners, feeling somewhat apprehensive and nervous.


I am one of the world's dreadful technophobes.

I was on the internet, but it's broken down and I've unplugged it.


The desire to succeed has a lot less compulsion than the fear of failure.


I usually am accused of having a crystal ball into which I can gaze and look into the future.


We all hope that TV will bring something added to the book - not just an audience - it will bring an interpretation and skills that you may not have as a writer.


Very rarely does anyone say that the TV is better than the book.


I'm not a journalist any more. I don't have to stick a microphone up somebody's nostril and I don't have a camera lens behind my shoulder, I think people talk to me in a much franker way.