Perhaps some day men will raise a tablet reading in letters of gold: 'All honor to women, the first disenfranchised class in history who, unaided by any political party, won enfranchisement by its own effort ... and achieved the victory without the shedding of a drop of human blood. All honor to women of the world!

— Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch

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My opposition to war was not because of the horrors of war, not because war demands that the race offer up its very best in their full vigor, not because war means economic bankruptcy, domination of races by famine and disease, but because war is so completely ineffective, so stupid. It settles nothing.


Unpaid work never commands respect.


If all men labored hard every hour of the twenty-four, they could not do all the work of the world.


Unpaid work never commands respect; it is the paid worker who has brought to the public mind conviction of woman's worth.