Pay attention to the people God puts in your path if you want to discern what God is up to in your life.

— Henri Nouwen

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Hope is willing to leave unanswered questions unanswered and unknown futures unknown. Hope makes you see God's guiding hand not only in the gentle and pleasant moments but also in the shadows of disappointment and darkness.


Every time there are losses, there are choices to be made.

You choose to live your losses as passages to anger, blame, hatred, depression and resentment, or you choose to let these losses be passages to something new, something wider, and deeper.


What makes us human is not our mind but our heart, not our ability to think but our ability to love.

Henri Nouwen quote Joy does not simply happen to us. We hav

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.


Our life is full of brokenness - broken relationships, broken promises, broken expectations. How can we live with that brokenness without becoming bitter and resentful except by returning again and again to God's faithful presence in our lives.


Dare to love and to be a real friend.

The love you give and receive is a reality that will lead you closer and closer to God as well as those whom God has given you to love.


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My whole life I have been complaining that my work was constantly interrupted, until I discovered that my interruptions were my work.


Those we most love cause us not only great joy but also great pain.

LOVE is stronger than fear, life stronger than death, hope stronger than despair. We have to trust that the risk of loving is always worth taking.


We are called to be fruitful - not successful, not productive, not accomplished.

Success comes from strength, stress, and human effort. Fruitfulness comes from vulnerability and the admission of our own weakness.


Each day holds a surprise. But only if we expect it can we see, hear, or feel it when it comes to us. Let's not be afraid to receive each day's surprise, whether it comes to us as sorrow or as joy It will open a new place in our hearts, a place where we can welcome new friends and celebrate more fully our shared humanity.


Listening is much more than allowing another to talk while waiting for a chance to respond. Listening is paying full attention to others and welcoming them into our very beings. The beauty of listening is that those who are listened to start feeling accepted, start taking our words more seriously and discovering their true selves.


When I trust deeply that today God is truly with me and holds me safe in a divine embrace, guiding every one of my steps I can let go of my anxious need to know how tomorrow will look, or what will happen next month or next year. I can be fully where I am and pay attention to the many signs of God's love within me and around me.


In a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred, we have the privileged vocation to be living signs of a love that can bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.


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The main question is not, how can we hide our wounds.

..but how can we put our woundedness in service to others.


Those who keep speaking about the sun while walking under a cloudy sky are messengers of hope, the true saints of our day.


Distance never seperates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad cuz I miss you I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.


Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure.


The Lord is coming, always coming. When you have ears to hear and eyes to see, you will recognize him at any moment of your life. Life is Advent; life is recognizing the coming of the Lord


The truth, even though I cannot feel it right now, is that I am the chosen child of God, precious in God's eyes, called the Beloved from all eternity and held safe in an everlasting embrace... We must dare to opt consciously for our chosenness and not allow our emotions, feelings, or passions to seduce us into self-rejection.


Our humanity comes to its fullest bloom in giving.

We become beautiful people when we give whatever we can give: a smile, a handshake, a kiss, an embrace, a word of love, a present, a part of our life...all of our life.


Waiting time is not wasting time. Waiting patiently in expectation is the foundation of the spiritual life.


When we are crushed like grapes, we cannot think of the wine we will become.


The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection.


I am the prodigal son every time I search for unconditional love where it cannot be found.


Hope means to keep living amid desperation and to keep humming in the darkness.


Spiritual maturity is not knowing what to do with your whole life, but just knowing what to do next.


Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality by which you invite strangers to become friends, to get to know their inner selves more fully, and even to dare to be silent with you.


Hospitality means primarily the creation of free space where the stranger can enter and become a friend instead of an enemy. Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not to bring men and women over to our side, but to offer freedom not disturbed by dividing lines.


Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.


Prayer is not what is done by us, but rather what is done by the Holy Spirit in us.


Without Pentecost the Christ-event - the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus - remains imprisoned in history as something to remember, think about and reflect on. The Spirit of Jesus comes to dwell within us, so that we can become living Christs here and now.


Life is just a little opportunity for you during a few years to say, "I love you, too."


In our own woundedness, we can become sources of life for others.


Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place.


The church is not an institution forcing us to follow rules but a community inviting us to still our hunger and thirst at its table.


This brief lifetime is my opportunity to receive love, deepen love, grow in love, and give love.


In a strange way the spiritual life isn't "useful" or "successful.

" But it is meant to be fruitful. And fruitfulness comes out of brokenness.


When suddenly you seem to lose all you thought you had gained, do not despair.

You must expect setbacks and regressions. Don't say to yourself "All is lost. I have to start all over again." This is not true. What you have gained you have gained....When you return to the the road, you return to the place where you left it, not to where you started.


Solitude is the furnace of transformation.

Without solitude we remain victims of our society and continue to be entangled in the illusions of the false self.


Self-rejection is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life because it contradicts the sacred voice that calls us the Beloved.


We need to be angels for each other, to give each other strength and consolation. Because only when we fully realize that the cup of life is not only a cup of sorrow but also a cup of joy will we be able to drink it.


God, help me to see others not as enemies or as ungodly but rather as thirsty people. And give me the courage and compassion to offer your Living Water, which alone quenches deep thirst.


Living a spiritual life requires a change of heart, a conversion.

Such a conversion may be marked by a sudden inner change, or it can take place through a long, quiet process of transformation. But it always involves an inner experience of oneness.


When we keep claiming the light, we will find ourselves becoming more and more radiant.


Compassion can never coexist with judgement because judgement creates the distance, the distinction, which prevents us from really being with the other.


I often wonder if my knowledge about God has not become my greatest stumbling block to my knowledge of God.


Compassion requires us to be weak with the weak, vulnerable with the vulnerable, and powerless with the powerless. Compassion means full immersion in the condition of being human.


My hope is that the description of God's love in my life will give you the freedom and the courage to discover... God's love in yours.


Prayer requires that we stand in God's presence with open hands, naked and vulnerable, proclaiming to ourselves and to others that without God we can do nothing. As disciples, we find not some but all of our strength, hope, courage, and confidence in God. Therefore, prayer must be our first concern.


The real question is: how can I live so that my death will be fruitful for others?