It’s important to let go, calm down, and get grounded. We need to listen to ourselves. When one becomes aware that our present-moment thoughts are not productive, one should simply let them go. Change a negative thought to a positive one.

— Horst Rechelbacher

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One of the best antidotes for depression is to look around and see what you can do to help out - to make a difference - for now and the future. Now is the future, for what I do right now is the future. For what I am doing right now is already affecting tomorrow.


Clone ourselves through teaching others.


By nature, we are a plant-based intelligence - not just our exhale, which plants inhale, but they are my food chain. They are my medicine. I cannot live without plants. They are part of my life support. And this is why plant species need to be preserved.


Women are more proactive. By their nature, they're genetically designed to nurture their offspring. Men have always been the hunters in their society. But it's changing. Women are now doing two things: They're building companies and they're giving birth to kids.


Species are being wiped out every day.

Do we want to live with this or don't we? That is really our choice. And I think that human beings, by nature, want to preserve themselves. But right now, we're so preoccupied by other stuff, and we're not addressing the issues, which are our priorities.


Activity is intelligence. We follow our information systems and we use our energy to get it done. And that's caused by a byproduct called matter. That's why I call it "energetic matter." And it's chemical matter. We are chemistry.


What's sad is that nobody knows the constitution of the ecosystem that has just been destroyed. Is it an important future food? Is it an important medicine? What can it do for future generations - or present generations?


I'm funding a new business with money I would have given away in the first place. And I'm starting a responsible business and I'm educating the consumer about chemistry that is totally sustainable - not just from a production point of view, but it also helps sustain the human psyche and physical body - based on informational, energetic matter.


The tea is pure chemistry, and so is everything else.

But chemistry can be highly active with nutrients, it could be not very active and empty of nutrients or it could be a toxic, polluted substance. That's what interests me as an environmentalist, because I think we should only produce the purest, finest things. Then there would be no toxic side effects. There would be no wastes, because everything would be used responsibly.


We are taught to reinvent ourselves all the time.

And nature is teaching us. What is necessary for us to do to create sustainability? There's a shift that has to take hold in our thinking, and it's hard to know when it's going to click for the larger percentage of us.


The majority of companies on this planet are publicly driven engines.

They're always the last ones to change. They're not only the biggest polluters, but they're the biggest providers of services for the consumer. Government itself is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. The U.S. military pollutes the planet more than most other entities.


Nothing should be used anywhere that is not edible.

We should not clean our house with substances that are toxic carcinogens. It's not necessary. There are anti-bacterial agents, and antiseptic agents, that are non-toxic. That's really our focus, and my personal focus: to make consumer goods that don't just smell good, but taste good, and can be used to anoint one's self and also the environment in which you are living in.


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Availability of the best also is limited in our culture.

And it's also extremely expensive. It's ridiculous. A kilogram of rose oil costs me very much. By the time it is shipped here and we pay tariffs, how much more do I have to charge the consumer? And then who could afford to buy it? That is why people sell synthetic rose and end up poisoning themselves. It shouldn't be that way.


If fashion pollutes it should no longer be called fashion, it should be called pollution.


Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe.


Ask ourselves: How can we serve, nurture and sustain the planet and its people in our business ventures?


We are clearcutting virgin forests around the world, and 95 percent of species in the clearcut zone have never been studied. So we clearcut a part of the virgin forest and now part of our ecosystem has been wiped out. Some of it may grow back, and some of it won't.


You can create substances with other naturally grown substances and you can synthesize beautiful bouquets of flowers without spending an arm and a leg, using the citrus fruits, which are much more affordable than flowers, because you need so many flowers to create the essences. In this country [USA], there is not a traditional science of making it. The Native Americans never did it. They bundled the sage.


Our nature is intelligent. In fact, everything is intelligent. Intelligence for me is information. Information is intelligence. And then there is information driven by energetics. And the energetics is operated by the matter, which has manifested here. This is where you and I come in. The human body is matter. Plant material, and this tea I am drinking, is matter.