Lots have said since what the film Maurice meant to gay men. I had a guy in New York who recognized me and jumped off a bus to tell me how I changed his life. Isn't that something?

— James Ivory

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My father did think I should get interested in television.

But I had very little interest in television and it wasn't something I wanted to do. I really never thought about going to work on big feature films in Hollywood. But when we made The Householder, Columbia Pictures bought it. Who would have ever imagined?


When I was doing the screenplay, people who read the book Call Me by Your Name would go, "Oh god, what are you going to do about the peach scene?" I'd say, "I don't know, but I'll do something." And finally I figured out that there was a way of doing it without being totally graphic. You can do it in a way where the audience gets it and accepts it.


I always assume that nothing that I make is going to be a success, that everything I make is going to be a failure - not a failure but not some huge box- office success. If something is an artistic success, I'll be happy, but I'll maybe be the only person that's happy.


Lately, I've discovered the Hellenistic bronzes.

I'd never really thought about them much, but then there was this marvelous exhibition - many of them Roman, some of them Greek, all kinds of wonderful standing figures or heads or horses. It all suddenly became a passion of mine. I finally got to see that exhibition, which led to the idea of bringing up the statue in the film.

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