It is sometimes as dangerous to be run into by a microbe as by a trolley car.

— James Walsh

The most unpopular James Walsh quotes you will be delighted to read

I think playing night after night is when you get a lot better as a musician because you need to add different levels of intensity and experiment a little bit with the existing songs just to keep everything interesting.


Mostly things that have happened to me, feelings that I've had, but on a couple of occasions I've written about things that have happened to other people.


I think one of the turning points for me was when my brother recorded the Neil Young MTV "Unplugged" performance from the TV. My brother is eight years older than me and he was starting to get into things like that.


The last thing I want to be is sanctimonious, but the thing that frustrates me is the deceit and betrayal, how there's one rule for males and another for females.