There is no limit to the power of loving.

— John Morton

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I'm grateful I've got my mind. I can take care of my own business.


Let's be about leaving this world better than we find it each and every day.

Our life is a testimony and through us divine loving is becoming more manifest. Greater good is calling upon us here in this world to be done this day. One of my rallying calls is let's go out and do some good. This is who we are. This is what we are about.


The choice that you, as a Soul, have in relation to anything is always to be loving. Do you understand that this is the divine purpose that all of us as humans have been given - to love unconditionally?


The best choices will always be the most loving.


I see the world at peace. If we can hold that thought, that thought has a power. The thought is witnessing a reality of peace in the world. By witnessing the possibility that it can take place and holding it in my consciousness, then that becomes something that is transmitting into the world. It's like a seed of peace that I'm planting from my consciousness into the world.


I'm 99 today and I'll be 100 tomorrow. It's another day.


Be patient. Like storms, the challenges will pass. Know too, that like the sun, your true soul self is constantly radiating.


A wonderful world would be a place where we can openly, honestly share things and it's done the same way in return. Do you suppose we're going to get that world anytime soon? I don't expect it. So I am practical. I work to have people close to me whom I can openly and honestly share with. And from that base of safety and trust, I can extend my sharing out into the world.


The history of trying to start a daily where there already is one is that it has never worked.


The cycle of God, the good, is broken by a single act of negativity.

The cycle of negativity is stopped by choosing the good -- not just once, but again and again until it is goodness that prevails in your life and in our world altogether.